Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MF DOOM Madvillainy Locations...

Ltd Edition box set (12x13x5) with CD, T-Shirt, 7-Inch Single, Cassette, Comic (in CD book). Details here.

Digitalgravel.com (USA)
Thegiantpeach.com (USA)
Hiphopvinyl.de (Germany)
Turntablelab.com (LA/NY)
Fatbeats.com (LA/NY)
Undergroundhiphop.com (Boston)
Dustygroove.com (Chicago)
kingunderground.com (UK)

Bodega (Boston)
Reed Space (NYC)
Wealthy Hostage (Brooklyn)
WTHN (Philly)
Archrival (LA)
Park Avenue (Orlando)
Off The Hook (Montreal)
Beat Street (Vancouver)
5th Element (Minneapolis)
Easy Street (Seattle)
Twist & Shout (Denver)
Somos Media (Salinas)
360 Vinyl (Portland)
Amoeba (LA/SF/Berkeley)
Play De Record (Toronto)
Waterloo (Austin)
Poo Bah (Pasadena)

Colette (Paris)
Dance Music Records (Tokyo/Osaka)
Jazzy Sport (Tokyo)
Soul Jazz (London)
Fat City (Manchester)
Cali Roots (Stockholm)
Rush Hour (Amsterdam)
Vinylz Store (Bern, CH)
Hum Records (Zurich)
Donuts (Bristol)
Flat Spot (UK)
Frisco Store (NL)
242 Shop (Lausanne/Geneva)
Guinness Records (Tokyo)
Ruff Draft Boutique (Nancy, France)

Here's what Stones Throw had to say about their favorite super villain...or hero?:

" Some might say its sacrilege to revisit a classic album like Madvillainy. You know, like George Lucas messing around with Star Wars and digitally inserting Jabba The Hut rapping with Han Solo. But Madlib’s never been one to respect convention - and he made this one for headphone listening before a ten-hour plane ride to Tokyo. But this reworking (we hate to say remix) was so good that, after we sat with it for a while, we decided that we had to make it available. "

...Continue reading info. Here.

Dope! We can't wait to get our hands on this piece of work. We know a lot of fans who were disappointed by the metal faced one's performance at previous Rock The Bells stops will be hunting for this release.

For more news on DOOM, check out his homepage, Here.

MF DOOM Myspace

*On another note, we need DOOM to stop denying our friend Yams's comments!!!

Party Till You Piss Your Jeans...

Do you: Live in the 'Greatest City In The World'? Love Rock N' Roll? Wanna get drunk until you fall down on the chick next to you and somehow get up in a bed next to her? If you answered yes to all those questions, you know where you will be this saturday Oct. 4th!

Join VICE & DJ Justin at Glasslands in Williamsburg Brooklyn for their installment of Pissed Jeans and Children for a night of loud, sweaty, dirty music. RSVP here before you head out.

Complimentary Tito's Vodka, Colt 45 & "Sake2Me" 9 - 11. Free entry but must RSVP.

End of story.

Glasslands Homepage

Vice Magazine Homepage

Glasslands is located at:

289 Kent Ave, Brooklyn

9 - 4am 21+

Monday, September 29, 2008

Q-Tip's The Renaissance Album Cover...

Q-Tip just showed us what the cover artwork will be for his forthcoming effort The Renaissance due in stores in November.

Previous Post: Q-Tip in Paris Tokyo Remix...

He'll Be Wearing, 3Sixteen...

With a clever play on one of the most cited passages from the Holy Book, clothing brand 3Sixteen makes you want to worship their Fall lineup in the same way.

These two pieces from the Fall offerings of 3Sixteen are very modest yet eye-catching garments for todays metro but style conscious man on the go. Here's what 3Sixteen had to say about their Hooded Blazer and Button-Up Jacket styles:

" ...both produced in Canada and offered in striped Black and Natural fleece and limited to 100 units. The Button-Up Jacket features an aeroknit lining, a scuba neck hood, and contrasting side gussets and ribbing. The athletic look of the body is juxtaposed with the classic striped material and subtle tones. The Hooded Blazer is constructed of the same striped fleece, but mimics the cut and details of a traditional blazer jacket. The hood and sleeves are lined in satin paisley, which also reappears as a pocket square in the chest pocket. The waist pockets feature traditional blazer pocket flaps that can be worn out or tucked in, while the double-length cuffs are folded back and buttoned. Both pieces exemplify 3sixteen’s attention to detail and penchant for blending traditional menswear details with technical fabrics and modern cuts. "

Very, very nice.

Shop More 3Sixteen, Here.

3Sixteen Online Shop

Kaws x Marc Jacobs = Foot Sex...

Showing the Abstract ladies some love.

Long time renowned street artist Kaws has gained the attention of many around the world, most notably the expensive eye of designer Marc Jacobs. The Kaws x Marc Jacobs collaboration features Kaws infamous design eye adapted to Jacobs' "Mouse Flat" shoe model.

The Mouse Flat celebrates its 10th year in production and this special model will be extremely limited clocking in at an obscure 150 pairs worldwide. The flats are exclusively available at Colette, as well as the Marc Jacobs flagship stores here in New York, London and Tokyo.

Dope! Happy hunting ladies!

Marc Jacobs Online Retailer

You'll Be Wearing...

Introducing Diet Butcher Slim Skin's fall collection of footwear.

These were brought to our attention by a friend of ours and we must say..calling these "High Top" footwear is an understatement. Diet Butcher Slim also makes apparel in the same vein of their name outfitting you with the latest slim tucks money can buy. For these high flying bad boys however, you can visit online shop Glaice for a pre-order.

Strangely they remind us of Japanese footwear brand Ato Matsumoto.


Video: Ludacris - Undisputed...

Theater of the Mind due out November 25th.

Video: T.I - What's Haapnin'...

The freeness in which T.I displays his character in this video is definitely 1000%hater proof.

What's Up?

T.I's latest effort Paper Trail in stores tomorrow Tuesday September 30th. Go buy it or he will give you another virtual scolding like the first one he gave you.

Blueprint 3 + Swagger Like Us Pt. 2...

We have just received word that not only will Jay reveal his latest upcoming effort Blueprint 3 to the world on December 2nd but it will feature a newer version of the Record "Swagger Like Us" featuring the lyrics of Young Jeezy, Andre 3000 and...drum roll, Nasir!!!

Excited aren't we? Yes, we will keep you posted as more develops on the tracklisting and featured guest appearances.

Pharrell Shows You How...

Wow. We have to start wearing more red hats.

Come Party With Us Monday...

Abstract Minds N.Y.C will definitely be in the building.

Be there or..well you know the rest.

This Monday 9/29 will be one of the dopest nights of your natural born lives as Melo-X and company keep the party jumping with the latest installment of Electric Punnany.

Catch them at Club Sway as you get your sway on being so intoxicated from the complimentary open bar that you can't feel the booty grading up on you..or maybe you will. Find out!

Sway is located @:

305 spring street

Sunday, September 28, 2008

World Series Of Hip-Hop Battle Royale...

T-Rex vs. Tech Nine:

Murda Mook vs. Young Hot:

Mysonne vs. E.Ness:

Lady Luck vs. Reece Steele:

In Harlem you would've thought it was the Philly Vs. New York Rap convention. Wow, too many quotables. It's always a good thing when battles dont end up with dudes getting snuffed or Styling on The Competition wit the "Cal".

Sad to say that we weren't there because we had didn't have our bulletproof vests other matters to attend to.

President Curtis Jackson...

Listen/Download Here. 50 Cent - 50 For President.

You heard him. December 9th Before I Self Destruct.

Joe Budden In Halfway House...

Seems appropriate to say seeing as how Jersey Emcee Joe budden has been giving us the big screen treatment when it comes to his anticipated release of his effort Padded Room on new digital home label Amalgam Digital.

Joey has leaked a picture of the cover for his latest chess move since being defunct by President Carter entitled Halfway House. The mixtape release will feature Jumpoff Joey himself spitting over 14 tracks in a prequel fashion to the aforementioned delayed Padded Room effort.

We'll have it here for your download pleasure first!

Friday, September 26, 2008

S@iS Talks Cheating On Your Barber...

" Then you see that other dude putting in work with other dudes and you thinking to yaself “Damn I like that nigga style” My old barber was out too and the new one gave me a fresh cut, framed my shit up perfect. He told me these words as he was shaping up my mustache “I take care of you nigga.” From that moment on I knew I had found my new man. The toughest thing to do is when you get your cheat on and you stay with your new barber. Here’s what makes you a man. "

...Continue Reading over at LifeSais.

Statistics show that approximately every 15 minutes a Barber is cheated on.

This post was golden.

Buy a SaiS Tee Here.

T.I.P Is S.A.L.T.Y...

That's all he asks...Ok? Tell 'em why you're mad son!

T.I.P tells us the necessary steps on securing that good check.

Honestly in all reality many artists are seeing the change in how they used to operate with music sales and its visible that they aren't happy campers. This is a new generation with a new way of getting work to the people and although you, the general population, may feel that relatively new artists are not adapting to this new module you have to understand that they are basically working under the tutlage of dinosaurs with ancient models for success. Hey...a couple viral videos and "Speaking to the people" on your website doesn't mean that you're up with the times. They have to put in a new amount of work.

The hunger will be back in mainstream artists in no time. Sit back and relax, you're watching the decline of the million dollar, Diddy perfected, Golden Age of Hip-Hop.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kanye Album Release Date Pushed Up + More...

So apparently due to the economics of the fiscal year looking so poor and downtrodden, Mr. West will seek your money into the holiday season sales boost with the ever so popular Album Pushup. Kanyeezy pushed his album up to a November release date with the simple explanation being:


His move on the chessboard must be stumping rival sales seeker Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson who we all know planned an elaborate and grand spectacle of a marketing scheme around Kanye's latest effort's release.

Touche` 'Ye.

Kanye West's "Alligator Boots" [Puppet Show Preview]

Uhhh. We don't know how we feel about this one.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

O'Boy, This Girl Aubrey O'Day!!!...


Danity Kane's Aubrey O'Day graces, rather tastefully, the cover of this month's Complex Magazine. She steppped out with Complex Mag for a no holds barred one-on-one interview where she talks about everything from basketball players and their slick tongues to secretly sending dirty text messages while at dinner!!! She also tells Complex that she will make Lupe Fiasco her future husband.. +1 for her loving some chocolate!

Our type o' gal! Does it get any better? Yes! Here are some Photos from the shoot:

No words...

" It’s funny that they think they can talk to me like that, like it’s so easy. “There’s that ho from Danity Kane, let me get her off tonight. "

" Out of this group of women, I am definitely the most daring. I would be the natural pick for the badass. This is the truth about me—I’m just really real. I have friends that are drag queens in sex shows, and I have friends that are very religious and conservative. I don’t judge people. The one thing that you could do to upset me is to be judgmental or make close-minded comments. "

Finish checking out Aubrey O'Day over at Complex.com for the interview and some very interesting videos showing her..err..smarts with a quiz challenge. Here.

Aubrey O'Day Complex Magazine Cover Shoot

New Music: Hi-Jynx - Swagger Like Us...

Listen/Download Here. Hi-Jynx - Swagger Like Us

Check out Hi-Jynx's latest mixtape Smells Like Money which is on his Homepage.

Hi-Jynx Homepage

Previous Related Post: Swagger Like Puff...

Joe Budden Freestyle On Green Latern TV...

Also features Harlem up and comer Charles Hamilton.

He'll Be Wearing: Benjamin Bixby Fall 2008 Preview...

Taking its inspiration from a unique and astoundingly innovative aesthetic that is said to be reminiscent of the 1930's, clothing line Benjamin Bixby takes off launching officially at Harrod's this past weekend in London. The line will be featured in Barney's shortly and more expansion as to which retailers will carry the line will follw shortly thereafter.

Dope, definitely Abstract.

Jae "Bin Laden" Hood Is Mad...

Well couldn't have one side of the hood tale without the other. Jae Hood responds to Jadakiss' remarks that he previously made on a video that was released on the web.


New Music: Lupe Fiasco Ft. Pharrell, Q-Tip, & Sarah Green - Paris Tokyo Remix...

Listen/Download Here. Lupe Fiasco Ft. Pharrell, Q-Tip, & Sarah Green - Paris Tokyo Remix

Seriously we forgot that this remix to Lupe's most laidback song ever off of his previous effort Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. Regardless the order goes a little something like this in terms of track murder-ation:


*Mr. Williams was found guilty of not writing his own verse, therefore he was removed from the qualifying round.

Video: Notorious Trailer...

Can Gravy do it?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Travis Barker & DJ AM Plane Crash...

It's a blessing that they are OK and we didn't lose them to an accident as serious as this.

" Former Blink 182 Drummer Travis Barker, and DJ AM were were abroad a Learjet when it crashed while departing the runway in Columbia, S.C.

Travis Barker, a former Drummer for Blink 182, and DJ AM are in critical condition after the plane they were flying on went off the runway and crashed. Four other people aboard the plane were killed.

According to local news reports, Barker and DJ AM, whose real name Adam Michael Goldstein, were transported to a burn center in Augusta, Georgia where they are listed in critical condition.

Link: Travis Barker and DJ AM In Near Fatal Plane Crash

T.I.P On Serchlite T.V...

Humble T.I.P stops by MC Serch's show and talks the talk for a little bit.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Blueprint 2.9!!! The Blueprint 3's Prequel...

Ok so we'll admit we've been a little late on this one, but no collective is perfect!

On to the festivities inside the ol' mailbox is Brooklyn, New York's own Producer JFace with the release of his Blueprint 2.9 mixtape. The verdict isn't completely in yet as we have only gotten through some of the production gems and remixes here but rest assured you, our readers, are more than welcome to help us out with labeling this mixtape, or remixtape shall we say with a seal of approval.

Here we go...

Free Download Here. JFace Presents: The Blueprint 2.9 "The Best of Brooklyn"

For more of JFace's work visit his Homepage, Here.

JFace Productions

Go See Santogold On Tour!!!...

That's right kiddies, you can now catch uber indie sensation Santogold when she comes to your neck of the woods on tour!

Here are the dates and ticket info:

10/14/2008 08:00 PM - The Wiltern w/ The Ting Tings, Mates of State, Alice Smith, Low vs Diamond
Los Angeles, California
Buy Tix Here

10/13/2008 07:00 PM - House Of Blues w/ Mates of State, Alice Smith, Low vs Diamond
Anaheim, California
Buy Tix Here

10/11/2008 07:00 PM - House Of Blues w/ Mates of State, Alice Smith, Low vs Diamond
Las Vegas, Nevada
Buy Tix Here

10/10/2008 07:00 PM - House Of Blues w/ Mates of State, Alice Smith, Low vs Diamond
San Diego, California
Buy Tix Here

10/07/2008 07:00 PM - Fillmore w/ Mates of State, Alice Smith, Low vs Diamond
San Francisco, California
Buy Tix Here

10/05/2008 07:00 PM - Crystal Ballroom w/ Mates of State, Alice Smith, Low vs Diamond
Portland, Oregon
Buy Tix Here

10/04/2008 07:00 PM - Showbox SODO w/ Mates of State, Alice Smith, Low vs Diamond
Seattle, Washington
Buy Tix Here

10/01/2008 07:00 PM - Gothic Theatre w/ Mates of State, Trouble Andrew, Low vs Diamond
Denver, Colorado
Buy Tix Here

09/30/2008 07:00 PM - Liberty Hall w/ Mates of State, Trouble Andrew, Low vs Diamond
Lawrence, Kansas
Buy Tix Here

09/28/2008 07:00 PM - House Of Blues w/ Mates of State, Plastic Little, Low vs Diamond
Chicago, Illinois
Buy Tix Here

09/27/2008 07:00 PM - St. Andrews Hall w/ A-Trak, Plastic Little, Low vs Diamond
Detroit, Michigan
Buy Tix Here

09/25/2008 07:00 PM - House Of Blues w/ A-Trak, Trouble Andrew, Low vs Diamond
Cleveland, Ohio
Buy Tix Here

09/24/2008 07:00 PM - Guvernment w/ special guest, Let’s Go To War, Low vs Diamond
Toronto, Canada
Buy Tix Here

09/23/2008 07:00 PM - Theatre of Living Arts (TLA) w/ A-Trak, Trouble Andrew, Low vs Diamond
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Buy Tix Here

09/20/2008 07:00 PM - Paradise Rock Club w/ Trouble Andrew, Plastic Little, Low vs Diamond
Boston, Massachusetts
Buy Tix Here

09/19/2008 07:00 PM - Fillmore New York @ Irving Plaza w/ Trouble Andrew, Plastic Little, Low vs Diamond
New York, New York

Buy Tix Here

We here at Abstract Minds N.Y.C love Santogold and the work that she has been putting in.

Check out previous Santogold posts like This One, Here.

Heath Ledger's Bar Opens...

The late great Heath Ledger had an interest in creating the best place for you to enjoy a little slice of his hometown's delicacies...and it's in Brooklyn!

Introducing Five Leaves. You may see the familiar hipster scene as this is now a cult lure for any and everything hip with the recent passing of Mr. Ledger and his performance in one of the greatest selling movies of all time, 2008's The Dark Knight.

What Five Leaves delivers is a unique Californian meets Aussie inspired lounge space reasonably decorated with hand crafted furnishings.

" It's all meant to be a super casual California- and Australia-tinged cafe, coffeehouse and oyster bar, with greenmarket snacks like Sliced Radishes on Toast with Evans Farmhouse Butter. "

Sounds awesome. Thanks Heath.

Five Leaves is Located @:

18 Bedford Ave (at Lorimer and Nassau), Williamsburg Brooklyn

Video: Swagger Like Puff...

" Sing a song for me bitch." - Sean Combs

Wow..dude is wildin! Aha!

Video: NaS - World Go Round Feat. The Game(Behind The Scenes)...

Song also features Chris Breezy on the hook.

Jay Electronica & Just Blaze - Transformations (Snippet)...

Listen/Download Here. Jay Electronica - Transformations (Snippet) Prod. By Just Blaze

Jay Elect has been working on some new, raw stuff that we've been hearing about in the rumor mills for a hot minute. One of the more publicized efforts was this record with producer Just Blaze "Tranformations". Check out the tease..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

iPhone Stunting...

We've always wished that we could take our laptops with us to that oh so awesome place where we still needed availability of both of our hands. This has been but a dream of ours and to it we tried to seek out a reality. Soo we found this very interesting:

" That's where MokaFive's new cross-platform application called iPhone Sentinel comes in. By turning part of your iPhone or iPod touch into a portable hard drive, iPhone Sentinel and the MokaFive Player allow you to run virtual machines directly off your iPhone, so you can run anything from an entire operating system to standalone video games like Quake. "

Peep the rest of the article Here.

Via LifeHacker

Video: The Cool Kids - Delivery Man...

New Music: Love Lockdown (Version 2.0) + Videoshoot...

Mr. West has re-released his single "Love Lockdown" off of his latest effort 808's and Heartbreaks due out at the end of this year. According to a post on Ye's Blog, he doesn't care if you guys don't like his singing and or autotune usage.

Listen/Download Here. Kanye West - Love Lockdown Version 2.0

Yeezy also leaked pictures of the model and aesthetic he will be using for the visual piece for "Love Lockdown":

The video will feature model Dollicia Bryan and should be very interesting.

We'll have it for you here first!

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