Monday, September 28, 2009

Video: Hottest MCs In The Game 2009 Is Here! Check The Full List!...

Its back and this time better than ever. Nice to see Rae rounding out the list, dude deserves to be there most definitely.


New Music: Hi Jynx - Stress (Preview) (Prod. by Half Amazin')...

Listen, Download Here. Hi Jynx - Stress (Preview) (Prod. by Half Amazin')

This is the first leak off of Hi Jynx's upcoming music project.

Seems like the Stress is coming to an all time high due to this recession.

Check out the record, it's worthy.

Follow Hi Jynx on Twitter Here

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Music: Big Wayde - What Have They Done...

Listen, Download Here. Big Wayde - What Have They Done

Well, while scouring the daily emails as we do so often, (our favorite task, damnit!) we came across this dude Big Wayde and his single "What Have They Done off his upcoming effort When The Rain Stopped.

Now, we know what you're thinking...who is this dude??, "wtf", etc, etc. We've taught you better than that if you are performing the verbal latter.

Cutting to the chase, the production caught us first. That bass line loop is smooth and rocked in the background as we continued to sift through emails effortlessly. The hook is pretty damn decent, no complaints. The lyrics are there, however they're not what we so much as gravitated towards in comparison to the other two elements listed.

With that said this song can rock a couple times. Good stuff, we'll look out for a couple more cuts off of When The Rain Stopped and throw it up.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Events: Party On A Rooftop You Say???...

Click to enlarge

Should be pretty interesting to say the least.


The Rooftop of 345 Eldert Street
Brooklyn NY 11237


L Train to Halsey St

New Music: 50 Cent - Dreamin'...

Listen, Download Here. 50 Cent - Dreamin'

Recently dropped 50 via Kay Slay on the Hot 9.

New Music: J Face - Let Me Go...

Listen, Download Here. J Face - Let Me Go

We've gotten an Email here and there from J Face regarding his new project titled Still Aight over the past couple of months.

Here we see that the project is fully underway with the release of his first track off the upcoming project. This one is called "Let Me Go"

Pretty dope. We'll hit you with a lil info about the tape when he shoots it on over.

Events: M@rv3lou$ Live In Times Square...

Click to enlarge

Been meaning to check this dude out live. Now here's our chance.

Heard a few tracks off of his upcoming effort Me And My Money and we'd like to see him perform some cuts live.


Times Square Arts Center

669 8th Ave @ 42nd St.


7 p.m to 10 p.m


Tickets are $20 bucks

Video: Jiggaman For The Win(frey)...

Interestingly enough we aren't too excited about this interview based on this clip. From the looks of things O Winfrey is gonna waste this interview on asking ol' Hovy questions that we've known for years +.

We don't know whether she's telling the non-familiar community that Jay-Z has "arrived" or she's just doing this for archival purposes. either way...we'll tune in.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video: Plies - Becky...

Just when you thought Plies couldn't get any more lewd with his lyrical content he gives us his ode to fellatio. Enter, Becky.

Now with a visual.

Video: Drake - Forever...

Features everyone from the Mp3 recod if you didn't think Mr. Mathers would were seriously wrong chap.


LeBron takes the time out (no pun) to discuss the aforementioned video premier.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Patrick Swayze (August 18, 1952 - September 14, 2009)...

If you have never seen this scene then you are beyond failing at cinematic appreciation. Or you just never had a mother, or any females in your household for that matter, that was watching this movie all. damn. day.

The actor died as a result with a long battle with cancer.

Rest In Peace.

*How is this relevant to Hip-Hop you may have asked? (We're sure you didn't but we just wanted to point out...)

Oh rappers have been using the metaphor play on Swayze's name paired with his role in the above film for vanishing, disappearing, leaving a crime scene, one night stands...the list goes on for days.

Now you know.

"Ghost like Swayze"

Misc: Blame It On The Goose, Blame It On The Henney...

Being escorted out we presume after the debacle involving Taylor Swift.

We all know how last night's MTV VMA festivities went down. We won't even speak much, a picture speaks a thousand words within itself.

Here are some interesting photoshops dealing with Lil' Mama's impromtu appearance:

How about this one?

Or maybe this one?

This is just rediculous.

The list goes on. A fun night indeed.

Video: Miss Info Earned Her Name Gracefully...

We loved every second of this short interview with Gasface.

Miss Info recalls her memories of working with her Editors at The Source magazine in crowning what many say is the best Hip-Hop album of all time to this day. If you didn't know before of her passion for the art form, you know a little more after watching this clip.

Check out more interesting clips from Gasface Here


Today, September 14, Nasir Jones celebrates his 36th birth date on this earth. Feel free to log onto Twitter and drop a #HappyBirthdayNas in the trending topics.

Gear: "Kids Used To Get Robbed On My Block"...

...It just might start happening again.

The Air Jordan 6 will return in a Black/Varsity Red colorway in January of 2010.

Photo Credit:

New Music: DOOM - Unexpected Guests Artwork & Tracklist...

So...since he went into euphoric hiding after his Rock The Bells fiasco, DOOM is back to give you a mini-taste of things been goin' on with his ever so secretive efforts.

*Bonus: We managed to snag a press release off the interwebs.

" DOOM is one of the most original and uncompromising voices in hip-hop. From his work in the 90’s with the seminal KMD to his legendary releases under a variety of aliases including MF Doom, Madvillain, King Geedorah, Viktor Vaughn, Dangerdoom & more, his prolific body of work has always valued artistic integrity and creativity over anything else. As numerous and varied as his albums are, DOOM also has a thick catalog of guest appearances, remixes, non-album tracks, & vinyl only singles. For the first time, Unexpected Guest presents many of these hard to find tracks as a mix CD, executed and overseen by the Super Villain himself.

With a list of co-conspirators which includes marquee level names such as Talib Kweli, Ghostface & GZA as well as underground heroes Vast Aire, CountBass D & Kurius, the music on this disc highlights DOOM’s ever-present trademark wit and taste for raw and ominous beats. On “Trap Door,” he spits couplets like “No curse words / DOOM the worst church nerd verse heard” over a plucked bass and guitar line from producer Jake One that sounds like the funkiest spy movie soundtrack imaginable. “Sniper Elite” sees the emcee united with the late J Dilla, and is one of the many tracks featured that has yet to see an official CD release. The album will also feature a never before heard live version of DOOM’s classic “I Hear Voices” from the Operation Doomsday album.

Peppered with his signature comic book dialogue and vintage sound clips, Unexpected Guests presents a treasure trove of DOOM obscurities which should shed light on material that even some hardcore fans may have missed. It’s a frenetic, virtuosic look at a true hip-hop original.

Previous Post: Mos Def Likes DOOM, We Like DOOM, We Like You, So You Like DOOM??? Right???...


1. Get ‘Er Done feat. DOOM - Jake One
2. Fly That Knot feat. DOOM - Talib Kweli
3. Sniper Elite feat. DOOM - Dilla Ghostface DOOM
4. Trap Door feat. DOOM - Jake One
5. Sorcerers feat. DOOM & Invizible Handz - John Robinson
6. Da Supafriendz - Vast Aire
7. Quite Buttery - Count Bass D feat DOOM
8. ? - DOOM featuring Kurious
9. All Outta Ale - DOOM
10. E.N.Y. House - Masta Killa
11. Bells of DOOM - DOOM
12. My Favorite Ladies - DOOM
13. Street Corners (Remix) - Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck & GZA

This Unexpected Guests is scheduled for release on October 27th

Video: Wale Freestyles The Paid Way...


Mixtape: Keen-Y - The Zodiak (Cover + Download Link)...

This must have been fate calling the moth to the flame. The reason we missed this honestly is because the "side" of the internet that we normally peruse for these underground gems of the Next Up generation of musicians had'nt been travelled by us for a couple of weeks.

Just when we decided to take a hiatus, a producer named Keen-Y releases his latest effort Zodiak. We must say, if you are biased towards aural pleasure, there is no doubt here that your ears will be in a state of bliss.

Download Here: Keen-Y Presents: Zodiak

Keep updated with Keen-Y Here.

Keen-Y on Myspace Music

Keen-Y also Tweets

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Video: America Isn't That Dumb...

Senator Al Franken draws a map of the 50 united States from his memory.

Can you even name all 50?

Didn't think so.

*We don't know what people have more of a hard time grasping...How Senator Al Franken can draw this up from memory, or how President Obama can draw up a health care reform based on real issues facing the country.


Events: Fashion's Night Out NYC...

Of course you know where you should be for this years 2009 FNO.

Go Here for more info.

Video: Nardwuar Vs. Nasir...

Lol @ 4:50.

One of the most interesting thing to do is watch how the Nardwuar team tries to throw off the artists but, not disrespectfully.

Congratulations to Nas for Dodging those 'Ether' questions sitting through the hotseat and not becoming unraveled (Kind of).

Not going to front though, we kind of liked the Jay-Z interview better.

Nardwuar Vs. Jay-Z (lmfao)

Video: Jay-Z Isn't Shy To Tell The Chi Why...

...He's Hip-Hop's "dude".

Did you catch all the double entendres there? Man, Jay-Z has to be the best commercially at that feat.

Video: KiD CuDi - Day N' Night (Crookers RMX)...

Shot by BB GUN

Now, don't get us wrong.. we knew the budget was fairly low for this version. However the budget, we might say that this version has more of a homegrown, honest approach to it.

Events: NYC: Theophilus London/BLK JKS/WLD YAKS...

Cantora Presents:

Theophilus London


Wild Yaks

Santos Party House:

96 Lafayette St. @ Walker
September 12, 2009
18+ $10
Doors at 7pm

Mixtape: PreZZure Presents "iRhyme 3"...

Ok let's just start off by saying PreZZure has impressed us in many ways than just one. He is by far a dope lyricist and puts in a crazy amount of work on not only the New York emcee circuit but the production tip as well. We always see him at various venues around the town.

Here's what PreZZure says about his latest effort:

" The saga continues. iRhyme 3 serves as the start of my 3rd year as an Hip Hop artist. In a short period of time i've accomplished a lot and faced many obstacles. Through all my trails and tribulations I've created music in order to keep myself sane and for all fans of music. I've received many praises from supporters who enjoy music as part of their daily soundtrack. It truly is an honor to be blessed with a talent and able to use it for a greater good. For the past two years i've not only been a student of Hip Hop but i've been a teacher too. Thanks to all who've been a part of my journey. You are appreciated "

Do yourself the favor and Dowload iRhyme 3 here: PreZZure Presents "iRhyme 3"

Definitely abstract and definitely dope.

Keep upwith PreZZure Here:

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Video: KiD Cudi - The End Of Day "Asteroid" Trailer...

The Man on the Moon touching down.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Video:The Land Of The Free, The Hov Of The Brave...

So this mans work ethic is that of someone half his age. Look at Jay trying to keeping up with the young boys who release their saturated content on all these internet blogs...

Like ours, Ha!

A little self humor is good for the soul.

We'll keep you posted on the development of Mr. Carter's progress with his post BP3 music projects.

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