Monday, December 31, 2007

Kool G. Rap x Haylie Duff...

Yea...I made that face too. Although She doesn't have that much credit as to being a heavy contender in the vocal department, the legendary Kool G. Rap sought her assistance. The title of the song is "Rise Again". Backed by Dj Premier production, Ms. Duff is featured solely on the new records' hook. Off the upcoming album Half A Klip
You can listen to the track here

"Young Smart, Real Niggas"

If you're going to play with firearms you young niggas, point it out the window. Thank God we didn't lose The Chef.

Video Via HHIR

The Roc In The Pearl

An Evening With Jay-Z.

"The evening is going to be a throw back to 1960’s style Las Vegas," Jay-Z said. "This is definitely going to be the place to be for New Year’s weekend."

On December 30th Jay-Z gave a performance in Las Vegas at the Palms Casino. It was a special event that coincided with the opening of his Las Vegas 40/40 Club. Among some of the guest artists were; Mary J. Blige, Ne-Yo, Benie Siegel and Kanye west to name a few. Tickets went on sale and sold out almost instantly. The prices ranged from $128.00 - $228.00. Mr. Carter's Las Vegas 40/40 Club is located in The Palazzo, a 643-foot, 53-story extension of The Venetian and Sands Expo complex.

Here's a clip of what went down:

The Roc is definately in the The Roc IS the damn building nowadays!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

"We Googled You!!!" Curtis Responds to GZA

Curtis is really internet savvy. He Googles and Youtubes frequently. We heard he personally set up Tony Yayo's Myspace account. He really sounds disgruntled with GZA "The Genius" of Wu-Tang Clan fame. We mean're 50 Cent! A rapper who boastfully claims that he puts artist' careers in the "graveyard" wouldn't strike you as the one to care about an emcee as washed up as he makes The GZA sound. We don't know what provoked Curtis to respond, but then again...He's 50 Cent.

The originall video was taken down, however you can find a link to an article detailing the remarks of Curtis Here.

For those of you who do not know where this reply stems from, check out this earlier video taken from a performance that The GZA had.

Previously on youtube:

Predict The Weather You Say...

She'll be happy that you didn't get her wet. Presenting to you the rain-sensing Ambient Umbrella. Yes, in some respects you might feel like a Deity wielding this piece of technology but don't get gassed, the umbrella connects wirelessly to to equip you with up to the hour updates on the weather. The LED lights on the handle are an indicator as to the severity of the pending weather conditions. A casual blink is of no concern where as up to 100 blinks per minute means to take it with you before you hit those mean streets. Get your Marty McFly on.

Available @ Ambient Devices

She'll Love A Hole In The Wall...

A hole in the wall, who says She won't find it sexy? This is definately an abstract way of describing to your date where you will be spending the evening for drinks. MacDougal Street is crazy as it is but you can find this spot hidden under fire escape-esque stairs. Don't be put off by the little white buzzer that grants you access to this location. Dubbed the 124 Old Rabbit Club, noted by the 124 above the discreet door, Swing by for the rare imported drinks and stick around for the subtle European underground decor. Enjoy.

124 Old Rabbit Club, 124 MacDougal Street (@ Minetta) Live on Mondays.

Nike "Loves" You

"That's ten years, I told Pooh in ninety-five
I'll kill you if you try me for my Air Max 95's" ~ The Game- Hate It or Love It

Love for the Nike Air Max 95 model is ubiquitous. For the 2008 Valentine's Day release of their Air Max 95 model Nike gives us heart-shaped patterns on the leather uppers meshed with Valentine's Day color accents. The tongue sports a clever representation of a heart behind the Air Max wording as well as the shoes insoles. The fellas might have to fall back this time around, as the shoe isn't looking that unisex friendly this year. Ladies this one is a go!

The Moodiest Man In Hip-Hop

Why you always so salty Joe Budden? SMH, but didn't you kind of get the impression that Styles P and Uncle Murda were like " Aiyo, WTF this Nigga is crazy!"

There's no denying that Joe Budden is a prolific Emcee in the world of Hip-Hop. He's managed to stay relevant in the business through his very verbally expressed troubled times with the Carter Administration and move on to signing with Amalgam Digital, a digital record label, while simultaneously keeping his solid fanbase of loyal Budden supporters. If you want to hear the tracks excluding the DJ from Mood Muzik 3 you can do so by picking up MM3.5 Here.

Be on the lookout for "Mood Muzik 3: The Album" in Feb. 2008. Are you in the Mood Yet?

Official Gemini x Lupe Fiasco Video

After much anticipation here it is. The We On Video By Gemini and Lupe Fiasco, Enjoy.

Jaguar Skills Hooooooooo! Dope.

Hannah Montana x Juelz Santana

Recently a couple of Disney CD's have been popping up with an unusual twist to their featured songs...Twisting up an L and moving "That White". Smh.

"A father in the Roseville section of Sacramento, Ca. was shocked to discover explicit music from the Diplomats on a Disney Channel Hits CD that was supposed to contain music from Hannah Montana and High School Musical. 'We are a Christian family and we don’t bring media like that into our house,' the father said. The father of three contacted the Toys R Us store where the CD was purchased, but a representative explained that they are merely the distributor and are not responsible for the product. A call made to Disney by CBS was yet to be returned."

I mean, I know that Killa Cam' has used some Disney-ish rhymes in the past but you can't deny it. THAT MARKETING IS BAALLLLLLLLIN'.

Lupe x Swagger present-Fall of Rome

Lupe Fiasco of 1st & 15th collaborates with Swagger Clothing company to make "Fall of Rome" apparel. The clothing line will be sold at high end boutiques and department stores this upcoming year. Looks interesting.

That's Love

Vashtie, also known as Pharrell's love interest, directed a video for the rap group CRS for their song "Us Placers". She literally made it with the clothes off of her back...sort of. She expresses her love for the game and homage to the original that inspired the latter in this quote.

“Here’s the latest video I directed. I wasn’t commissioned to do it, so I spent my own dough to make it. I wanted to make a video for this song because I was obsessed with both the original Thom Yorke version and the Kanye West Mixtape version. It was a lot of fun to make. Most of the clothing is mine, like little Pharrell’s whole wardrobe. The props are mine, like the Brooklyn Machine Works bike and the Supreme “Last Supper” decks. That’s actually Plain Pat in the video, Kanye’s A&R.” -Via Vashtie Kola

Dope video, very abstract way of preserving the art of Hip-Hop. After all, this genre is all about doing it on the strength of love. Respect.

Supreme Checkered Trooper Winter Headgear

The Folks at Supreme released two colorways of their Trooper Winter Hats featuring a checkered pattern for this winter's LumberJack fiasco. They sport fur lining on the inside and come in a red colorway as well as a black. You can purchase the hats as well as all other Supreme apparel in store or on sites such as

The Mighty...

"So cool and ol' school like eighty-four
The one your little mami windin up her waist for
The name that real niggas got they hands raised for
Me and Mini got ya block yellow taped off" -Close Edge

...So I ran into Mos Def on Mercer Street the day before a flight. Immediately this video pops into my head. Still dope. Off the album The New Danger.

Friday, December 28, 2007

My N*gger Nas? My Nigga Nas?

So this has been the image floating around the Internet of Nasir Jones' latest effort controversially titled Nigger. Previously soft marketed as "The N" it appears that Nas will release his effort with the above pictured title. Here is what Nas had to say about a cut from the Album:

“I have a song called ‘The Fear,’ ” he said. “The full title of the record is ‘The Fear of the Black Man’s Dick.’ That’s some shit you can get comedy [from], or you can get some seriousness from it when you talk about the barbaric castrations that happened in our past — which is very serious, nothing to laugh at.”

We hope this effort wont be hurt by the same lackluster criticism Hip-Hop is Dead saw. His next album would have to be titled "The L".

Interview Via

Good Morning

Good Morning.

As we usher in a New Year it is safe to say that our New Year's resolution is to change. ABM New York City wants to start the new year on a good note and what is a better way to do it than to try something, The Entrepreneurial Thinker is one who paves the way for their future. Everyone has a story to tell and every story is unique.

Expressions from the Hip-Hop and musical community in a whole as well as the perspective from one of the greatest cities in the world, New York, will be the focus of the ABM New York blog.


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