Friday, June 26, 2009

Please Pardon Us As We Prepare To Upgrade...


Simple is as simple does. Extraordinary is as simple isn't. We are none of the above however everything that lies underneath the surface composes our drive. The good, the bad. The failure, the success. The hunger, the starvation.

While we embark on projects in general, all we ask is for your continued investment of ideas, feedback, and interest. Thank you for the emails, the comments, the beef, the headache and the laughs.

We'll be right back after these words from our sponsors to bring you a new and generally refreshing aesthetic.

In the mean time enjoy the posts where they may fall.

Thank You.

Stay on the grind, New York.

You Rocked Our World...

Click Here as if you didn't already know we couldn't sound like the Associated Press.

Honestly though:

Icon status can seriously only be obtained when your demeanor can bring nations to joy partaking in your art/livelihood. This was the effect that Jackson had on many if not all of his fans who grew with him out of the 80's where he reigned supreme. It's surreal, the fact that we were mere toddlers who came into knowing his work and seeing the effect that it had on people only when they showed specials on television. This notion cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with the excitement that must have been ever so present when, what would equal today's blogger buzz and music sleuth specialists, the few who were "up on" Jackson back in the day caught all his gigs and performances before they were monumental.

To say that we are left stunned is an understatement, this was truely a tragic loss for the music community.

Where were you, when Michael Jackson was pronounced dead?

Video: Hip-Hop, Where Art Thou???...

As always we try to remain cynical and understanding that Hip-Hop comes in many minstrel-esque shapes and forms...but...really?

Are you serious?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Video: We'll Never Leave Our Houses Again...

Because we'll be too busy touching the air in front of us. This is an interesting progression in the video game entertainment industry. Let's see if this actually comes to full fledged fruition.

No breath holding. Please.

New Music: Jay-Z - D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)...

Listen /Download Here. Jay-Z - Death Of Autotune (Prod. By NO ID & Kanye West)

Oh Ok. We see what you've done here Mr. Carter. With the Blueprint 3 rearing its once mythical and behemoth head it's only right that Hov came up with a great tactic.

Here's (in our honest opinion) what it is:

To start a beef to generate interest. However since Shawn is smarter than your average, he isn't going to start a direct beef with an He starts a beef with a trend. You see what he's done there? Possibly one of the biggest recent successes with the aforementioned victim (autotune) is Kanye West a.k.a "Kid Brother's" effort 808's & Heartbreak. So him co-producing the track for ol' Hovy is a sign of no shots fired/co-signing right?

ALSO, we like the way he infused Wale's "Na na hey hey" into this record. Obviously DJ's will have no hard time getting Hov into the clubs due to the fact that they can mix this easily in. Hov you sneaky bastard!

Hov, you've done it again. Props!


Jay-Z - Rebirth Of Autotune (Prod. by Cookin' Soul)

Funny, thought we should mention.

Bonus Pt. 2: The night New York went apeshit

Hov Calls In:

Videos Courtesy of Them.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Music: Keri Hilson Gets Face...

Listen/Download Here. Keri Hilson ft. JFace - Gotta B Love

J Face says:

" I had fun late night half asleep making this one...hope you enjoy!!! Shout out to KH super awesome artist! "

In our most unbiased opinion of this remix effort, we like it. We think it was appropriate usage of the Keri Hilson sample that many know at the current moment due to its radio psins and Kanye guest appearance (No one remembers that you were on the "Knock You Down" record...). This will most definitely find its way onto the iPod for the New York underground trips.

Good job.

Follow Jface around ths innanets Here:

Video: Wale - Chillin'...

...The finished product that is. Here's the visual treatment for Interscope artist Wale feat fellow Interscope classmate Lady GaGa for Chillin'.

This video did not disappoint.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Video: Drake Has Catchy Songs...

Drake recently had a show at S.O.B's here in New York.

Video: Maxwell - Pretty Wings...

Sorry but we must have forgot this in the shuffle of the Hip-Hop mania that goes on around these innanets. Maxwell has always been a very official artist that took a brief hiatus to regain himself and composure. With his re-emergence sporting a new do and to much fanfare he gives the ladies "Pretty Wings" which is his first official single/video from BLACKsummers'night. The first installment from the Trilogy available everywhere 07.07.09. Go support when this drops.

Too dope.

New Music: Mista Mista - Heartbeat...

Listen/Download Here. Mista Mista - Heartbeat

Here is a joint we definitely can relate to. Mista Mista delivers it smooth and LJC comes through as well and doesn't disappoint. This is the first official single from Mista Mista off of the upcoming album No Greater Love available August 2009.

Go support that.

Follow up on Mista Mista Here on Twitter.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Video: Wale Feat. Lady GaGa - Chillen (Snippet)...

Looks good. Can't wait to see what kinda of get up Lady GaGa is sporting in this one. She's a character.

We need that Mercedes that Wale is ever so graciously pushing in this video on!

Full video soon.

Video: Kanye West Feat. GLC - Spaceship (Snippet)...

Coulda swore that this visual came out ages ago but we were mistaken. This video looks pretty dope and we're assuming that Kanye is readying his regime for the onslaught that is 2010.

First up, GLC.

Video: Terry Kennedy Says He Beat Kanye Up Dog...

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