Monday, September 29, 2008

He'll Be Wearing, 3Sixteen...

With a clever play on one of the most cited passages from the Holy Book, clothing brand 3Sixteen makes you want to worship their Fall lineup in the same way.

These two pieces from the Fall offerings of 3Sixteen are very modest yet eye-catching garments for todays metro but style conscious man on the go. Here's what 3Sixteen had to say about their Hooded Blazer and Button-Up Jacket styles:

" ...both produced in Canada and offered in striped Black and Natural fleece and limited to 100 units. The Button-Up Jacket features an aeroknit lining, a scuba neck hood, and contrasting side gussets and ribbing. The athletic look of the body is juxtaposed with the classic striped material and subtle tones. The Hooded Blazer is constructed of the same striped fleece, but mimics the cut and details of a traditional blazer jacket. The hood and sleeves are lined in satin paisley, which also reappears as a pocket square in the chest pocket. The waist pockets feature traditional blazer pocket flaps that can be worn out or tucked in, while the double-length cuffs are folded back and buttoned. Both pieces exemplify 3sixteen’s attention to detail and penchant for blending traditional menswear details with technical fabrics and modern cuts. "

Very, very nice.

Shop More 3Sixteen, Here.

3Sixteen Online Shop


Maada said...

that coat is sooo clean.

The Delve said...

It is isn't it? It gets the job done w/o going over the top.

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