Thursday, July 30, 2009

Video: Amber Rose x Nicki Minaj Just Look Goood...

Amber Rose is definitely making her rounds through Kanye's limelight. With due cause too.

Via MTV:

" Shorty’s kinda crazy, but it turns him on. Kanye West said it, not us, in the song that’s becoming a video staring his girlfriend, Amber Rose.

“I have Kanye’s ‘Robocop’ video,” Rose told MTV News Monday night in Scranton, Pennsylvania, during the launch of the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival. “I’m playing a robot through the whole video. Ninety-five percent of the video is just me.”

Rose, who has appeared in such videos as Ludacris’ “What Them Girls Like,” said the rise of her profile over the past few months has been a welcome surprise.

“I have Complex mag, Elle magazine, Persona magazine — I have the cover to the back, the whole issue is dedicated to me,” she said of her upcoming publicity appearances. “I’m excited about that.

“I definitely welcome it,” she added. “I appreciate all my fans. I definitely never expected it. I don’t wanna say I never wanted it. But … I just know a lot of girls, they go to modeling agencies every single day. That’s their life. A lot of stuff … just landed in my lap. I thank God for that; it’s really a blessing. I thank God for that — and Kanye, of course. Kanye definitely gave me the fast track to the top.”

Rose was in Scranton to support her girl Nick Minaj. The two first met on Twitter, then face to face on the set of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” video, which Kanye directed.

“She’s a dope girl,” Minaj said of Amber. “You can tell she’s dope. I’m all about girls that are spearheading a movement. She’s doing her own thing in her own lane. The world has yet to see what she’s going to accomplish. Be on the lookout for that.”

Posted for Amber Rose archiving.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Video: Fabolous In The Studio Recording 'Throw It In The Bag' Remix...

Peep the original post a few scrolls down for the MP3.

Video: KiD CuDi Feat. Kanye West & Common - Make Her Say (Poker Face)...

Liberated yesterday from the good people over at G.O.O.D Music.

We like where they took the concept of this video to...

*However if it were up to us (And it most certainly is not) we would have done it like so:

Since their order on the record goes in respect to their age, youngest to oldest, it would have been cool if they went on three dates relative to what couples in that age group do i.e have Cudi on a friendly kid's date, Kanye on a cliche` teenagers date and Common on a very grown date. All with interesting twists of course.

Well, we'll save that for when interesting director's deals all come our ways.

Doesn't hold breath.

Video: Nike SB - Today Was a Good Day - P. Rod & Ice Cube...

" To celebrate the release of Paul Rodriguez's third shoe, Nike SB has produced a new commercial titled "Today Was a Good Day." In addition to the commercial, there will also be a web exclusive extended version of "Today Was a Good Day" that stars Paul with some special friends. "

Dope! Watch in HD fullscreen, it's the only way.

New Music: Fabolous Feat. Drake - Throw It In The Bag (Remix)...

Listen/ Download Here. Fabolous Feat. Aubrey - Throw It In The Bag (Remix)...

John 'Fabolous' Jackson and Aubrey 'Drake' Graham go shopping together. This undeniably grand homage to trickin' is actually pretty dope. We like this beat better.

No Dream here, however whomever constructed this track used samples from The Dream's "Fancy" record which we rock with.

Mixtape: Kanye West x DJ Clue Present R&Yeezy...

In case you've been wondering how to keep track of and compile all those beautiful remixes and features that Kanyeezy has bestowed upon us over the last couple of years here, by courtesy of DJ Clue and company (New Music Cartel) Here they are.

Download Here. Kanye West x DJ Clue Present - R&Yeezy The Mixtape(Sharebee)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oh You Hate Harlem??? Pt. 2...

We, being New York residents must always acknowledge the roots of our city. For those who are not natives of this wonderful place it may serve as a shocker to you that we actually have come from a very dark, disturbing period which many rather forget. Many children were birthed from a time where it wasn't fairly easy to grab a skateboard and stroll down 14th street while blasting Lupe's newest single.

In a multiple part series we will pass these visuals on to you.

Learn, New York.

*The continuation. Here is the second installment of the previous post you can find Here.

*Previous Post: Oh You Hate Harlem??? Pt. 1...

The children of an area can tell of the hardship, or lack thereof, of an environment. The children of generations past and generations to come may or may not symbolize a significant social struggle, but will more than likely reflect the technological prowess or scrutiny of the world.

The children...

" The blacks' own view of Harlem is directly opposite the white liberal one since they cannot see only the dismal in the ghetto without going insane. "

" They (Opressors who the photographer deems the 'White Upper Class') will look at the flourishing culture thriving in the midst of the oppression, be heartened by the fact that the
majority of Harlem's population are surviving - see the many roses that manage to grow up in this jungle.

It is obvious to us, and should be to you, that the social progress we make in this city is a task within itself.

It is simply because New York has grown. Out of its childhood.

Stay tuned for the final posts of this series.

Video: But This Is Why A-Trak Is That Dude...

A couple of days ago footage was liberated of DJ A-Trak's set in San Francisco. The name of the tour is the 10,000 LB Hamburger Tour and features other artists you may know.

Wish we could've made it, hopefully it rounds its festivity back to the NYC Metropolitan area.

Do you see the retardation of those lights?


Untapped: Wisdom Is Granted To Few...

Listen/ Download Here. Jay Wise - Washington Heights Anthem (Home Of The HAZE)

Let's see, upon our foray into the daily e-mails we are ever so graciously adorned with (We did it to ourselves, so we know we shouldn't complain) we manage to pluck out a few Mp3's sent to us.

We would like to showcase all music that gets sent to us because we believe conductors for voices should let said voices be heard.

With that notion we ask you, is Jay really "Wise " in his latest effort? Or has the wisdom not yet found its mark?

Regardless, hear him out..

For more of Jay Wise's music check him out Here.

Jay Wise's Music Myspace

Video: Persona Magazine Interviews Ibn Jasper...

" Taking part in the image and styling of Kanye West, Ibn Jasper was recently featured by Persona TV. Some of the topics he touches upon are the establishment of your own groove and how he felt fashion has matured in the last year. "

Tongue In Chic...

Recently we highlighted a piece blogged by our sister site LaLa Nyc, hub for all things fashionable and trendy.

A short while after we are proud to update our viewers that LaLa was summoned for a Q&A session with Chictopia.

Well..we'll point you in the right direction. That beautiful young lady can speak for herself.


Chictopia Q&A with LaLa Lopez of LaLa Nyc

Catch up with the happening at LaLa's Online Fashion Guide

New Music: Wasalu Has Love For His Niggas...

Listen/ Download Here. Lupe Fiasco - For My Niggas

Of course we have to understand that this may have been previously recorded ages ago. However, new Lupe is new Lupe.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

He'll Be Wearing: Caulfield Preparatory...

Introducing Caulfield Preparatory.

Not many brands tend to capture the cool calm look of an urban socialite while providing the functionality of a day to day man about his business. Of course we pay homage to the stalwart brand names that made us look appealing while still having a casual "set for the occasion" look. Most notably the way Caulfield Prep puts together their collection of pieces symbolizes the need for today's man to be more aware of his surroundings, ever so versatile and demanding.

We certainly will heed their call, and rise to any demand our occasions deem necessary. You should as well.

Check them out as we were put on by Lala herself.

Caulfield Preparatory @ LaLa New York City

Video: Rappers That Make Us Smile...

To be able to rock a crowd, control the mic, and give us jokes and entertainment all in a freestyle off the cuff manner is a true talent indeed.

At the 4:13 mark, pure comedy from HiJynx as he gives us the play-by-play on AJ's punchline.

These emcees can be seen weekly in Manhattan's 14th Street Union Square Park giving a free live show.

So dope!

Contact them Here:



Video: The Game Is A Cultured Gangster...

The Game shows us his toilet paraphernalia whilst on his Lambo Tour in Madrid, Spain and then comedy ensues.

We're in tears at his geographical explanation on why you cannot murder someone in this region.

Those jabs at President "D.O.A" Carter were priceless.

He definitely upped his cool points with this foolishness.

Oh Word Drake??? So You Stayed True To The Homies...

Yeah, somehow this works. We see what you did there Kanye. By going left of the idea that people had in their head for the visual aesthetic of this record you not only made it easily recognizable and memorable, you gave male Drake haters a reason to give him props due to the fact that " Yeah, that nigga had mad titties in his video for that pussy ass song son.".

We can hear them now.

Bonus Footage:

Forbez DVD was also behind the scenes.

The Real "Rap" About Making Beats...

Official promo video for the annual Hip Hop conference in Phoenix, AZ...

What these legendary beatsmiths have to say about the various topics discussed at the third annual One Stop Shop Producers Conference speaks for itself. All you up and coming producer/engineers in this game we call Hip-Hop should try your best to attend the next event.

Cam'ron's First And Arguably Last 'Hot Summer'...

Jim Jones was, and always will be the guy in this video.


New Music: Raphael Saadiq Feat. J Face - Got Me...

J Face Says:

" This track is extra sexy, I had to hop on this ASAP for the ladies! Raphael Saadiq is back! Good music was left in the 90's but he's bringing apart of it with him! I recommend picking up his album. "


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