Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MF DOOM Madvillainy Locations...

Ltd Edition box set (12x13x5) with CD, T-Shirt, 7-Inch Single, Cassette, Comic (in CD book). Details here.

Digitalgravel.com (USA)
Thegiantpeach.com (USA)
Hiphopvinyl.de (Germany)
Turntablelab.com (LA/NY)
Fatbeats.com (LA/NY)
Undergroundhiphop.com (Boston)
Dustygroove.com (Chicago)
kingunderground.com (UK)

Bodega (Boston)
Reed Space (NYC)
Wealthy Hostage (Brooklyn)
WTHN (Philly)
Archrival (LA)
Park Avenue (Orlando)
Off The Hook (Montreal)
Beat Street (Vancouver)
5th Element (Minneapolis)
Easy Street (Seattle)
Twist & Shout (Denver)
Somos Media (Salinas)
360 Vinyl (Portland)
Amoeba (LA/SF/Berkeley)
Play De Record (Toronto)
Waterloo (Austin)
Poo Bah (Pasadena)

Colette (Paris)
Dance Music Records (Tokyo/Osaka)
Jazzy Sport (Tokyo)
Soul Jazz (London)
Fat City (Manchester)
Cali Roots (Stockholm)
Rush Hour (Amsterdam)
Vinylz Store (Bern, CH)
Hum Records (Zurich)
Donuts (Bristol)
Flat Spot (UK)
Frisco Store (NL)
242 Shop (Lausanne/Geneva)
Guinness Records (Tokyo)
Ruff Draft Boutique (Nancy, France)

Here's what Stones Throw had to say about their favorite super villain...or hero?:

" Some might say its sacrilege to revisit a classic album like Madvillainy. You know, like George Lucas messing around with Star Wars and digitally inserting Jabba The Hut rapping with Han Solo. But Madlib’s never been one to respect convention - and he made this one for headphone listening before a ten-hour plane ride to Tokyo. But this reworking (we hate to say remix) was so good that, after we sat with it for a while, we decided that we had to make it available. "

...Continue reading info. Here.

Dope! We can't wait to get our hands on this piece of work. We know a lot of fans who were disappointed by the metal faced one's performance at previous Rock The Bells stops will be hunting for this release.

For more news on DOOM, check out his homepage, Here.

MF DOOM Myspace

*On another note, we need DOOM to stop denying our friend Yams's comments!!!

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