Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mixtape: Hi-Jynx Presents "Your Love: Smells Like Money" (Tracklist + DL)...


1) Intro
2) Vickie Vale
3) Pursuit
4) Paradise
5) Like a Kid Again
6) Skit 1
7) Got Me
8) The Seats
9) Wings
10) Skit 2
11) Winter Without You feat. Mr. Reed
12) Stop & Go
13) Kryptonite
14) Outro

Hi-Jynx says:

"My previous effort “Music Monday” was an exhibition effort. This effort, “Your Love: Smells Like Money”, is a step in the direction of more coherent records. Together they are themed and individually they stand out from what I’ve done in the past. I have a snippet of a record on the project that’s floating around now and the response has been crazy. Its heavily geared towards females without diving into R&B territory, I believe that gives listeners something to anticipate because its rarely done by a hip-hop artist these days."

Do yourself a favor and download this beautiful gem right here. It really is the epitome of New York Hip-Hop

Download Link - Hi-Jynx Presents "Your Love: Smells Like Money"

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