Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Music: Cashtro Crosby - Exhibit A (Open Letter To NYC)...

Listen/ Download Here. Cashtro Crosby - Exhibit A (Open Letter To NYC)

Coming up, in addition to what you've been brainwa... er, conditio...ummm..accustomed to liking we've mixed it up with a bit of audio that you may or may not have heard before.

Cynical, we know.

Direct from the artist:

" Starting The Year Of Right!!!

With My Birthday coming up at the end of January (I'll Be Legal Like a regal lol), I've been doing alot of thinking about life, Music, & where it's going for a while now... The Exhibit A (Open Letter To NYC) is something Like All My emotions since I been Back N Forth From Pittsburgh, New York City,(Bronx to be exact) & Canada...

Shouts To Jay Electronica & Mickey Factz definitely made me take some time off working on The Tape To vent

If you don't take anything from it musically just know that all of the words in this piece have either happened or is going to (trust Me folks) , & This isn't even Crosbyfication... Crosbyfication will be the Best work of music for any one who's competing. If you enjoy art... Imma Gain some fans.... word.

-Cashtro Crosby

Cashtro's Crosbyfication release date is still pending.

Catch up with Cashtro Here:

Video: Jabari x Big Sean Have A G.O.O.D Q&A...

Part 1:

" Jabari talks to Big Sean about how he first met Mike Posner and why the two work so well together. "

Part 2:

" Jabari speaks to Big Sean about how he established his audience and G.O.O.D Music President, No I.D. working his debut album. "

For archival purposes...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Music: Kalae All Day - O.G.LYRIKALBOOKBAGGER...

Listen/ Download Here. Kalae All Day - O.G.LYRIKALBOOKBAGGER

That choice of a title is interesting enough to make us want to listen, to say the least.

Here we happened across a cut from Kalae All Day that gave us that good old feeling of her "turn" in a rap cypher.

We could see it all now, Kalae steps in, spits her piece and gains props from all the fellas in the circle who thought she wasn't going to come and represent for the ladies in the underground hip-hop scene!

..Any cut that can create an instant visual gets a few back to back spins from us.

*Also check out Kalae's interview with FatBoyRadio:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Dope, get to know her a bit. In Part 3 Kalae spits a not so "freestyle" as labeled but showcases her talent as devout rhymesayer nonetheless! Props.

Part 3:

Keep up with Kalae as she has many upcoming shows around the city that we are sure are going be very entertaining as well as eclectic. Hopefully we can attend a few.

Kalae @ Twitter:


Kalae's website: KalaeAllDay

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Music: J Face - Weirdos...

Listen/ Download Here. J Face - Weirdos

This record has to be one of the most introspective and critical from the Brooklyn, New York producer/emcee. Here he tackles a topic as mirror turning as the one on Wasted Talent.

This one is worthy of iPod shuffle transport.

Follow J Face here on Twitter.


New Music: Kil Ripkin - Mind Free...

Download /Listen Here. Kil Ripkin - Mind Free

Going through the daily emails we happened across a very htought provoking record from Kil Ripkin. Our knowledge is limited on this artist. With that said that's exactly why this site does what it does. It's to spread the forward entrepreneurial element on discovering new, tasteful sound and talent.

Introducing Kil Ripkin. Backed by Torae as his A&R and numerous posts around the internet, he may or may not be something to keep our eyes on. Let's let this one flourish into something organically.

New Music: YC The Cynic - Say Superman...

Listen/ Download Here. YC The Cynic - Say Superman

YC The Cynic definitely caught our eyes, as well as our ears, with this. We've had the chance to see this record performed live and by far the most prolific call and response record of the new emerging New York sound.

Great Job YC, always a pleasure to see your record blasts swinging through our email for features.

YC has a project releasing this month tentatively presented by Chaundon of the Justus Leauge. That's a really big step in the right direction for the young, Bronx New York emcee.

For more on YC, follow him at his Twitter:


Definitely Abstract...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Video: Dollar Van Demos Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of A Dollar Menu...Ride...

Awesome, now we can honestly see how the "Big Corp" is cashing in on the underground artists appeal here.

We have to tip our hats to Dollar Van Demos for the connect hustle but to the artists here...maybe any exposure isn't worth jumping at too quickly. McDonalds has a history of making minorities and "urban areas" typecast in their mannerisms.

Don't get it twisted that African-Americans are still shucking and Jiving for "the man" in regards to cashing in a little change.

We'll think about the aesthetic of this one...

Just a heads up for certain artists, don't compromise your integrity for a check... well, if there IS one.

New Music: Wize - Qutie Pie...

Listen/ Download Here. Wize - Qutie Pie

The email submissions have been stockpiling lately as we make the switch (hopefully) to a bigger and better site this year. Check our archives, we've been delivering post after post of quality so we're sure that you understand.

On to the record...

Artist Wize breaks down what he needs quality wise from a "Qutie Pie" here on this one.

We can't complain, this one recieved a few spins from us. Ever forward, delivering new music, from new talent.

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