Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Video: Wale Calls Out Big Sean To Perform "Slight Work" + More...

Olubowale Victor Akintimehin (@Wale) brings out G.O.O.D Music's Sean Anderson to perform their song "Slight Work" and then Sean goes into his single Dance (Ass).

Mixtape: Kalae All Day – Pass Times & Crass Lines (Mixtape)...

Kalae All Day (Twitter: @KalaeAllDay) brought a smile to our ears and faces. Now when you want to speak with emphasis about a woman with SOUL, you speak about Kalae All Day with a tone of respect in your voice. Period.

Fresh off of her MTV campaign titled "Inspire U." Harlemite Kalae All Day gives us another one of her eclectic offerings entitled Pass Times & Crass Lines.

Check it out, it's what you should be doing for a good portion of your day if you love the sultry sounds of an underground, new York Hip-Hop diva.

Download Here: Kalae All Day - Pass Times & Crass Lines (Mixtape)

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Mixtape: Kris Kasanova - Warpaint (Mixtape)...

Red Hook, Brooklyn MC Kris Kasanova (@KrisKasanova) releases his latest project, War Paint. Check out the project via link below and enjoy the sounds of another New Yorker with a story to tell.

Download Here: Kris Kasanova - Warpaint (Mixtape)

New Music: The Demigodz - Demigodz Is Back (Produced by Apathy)...

Listen/ Download HERE. The Demigodz - Demigodz Is Back (Produced by Apathy)

Apathy, Ryu and Celph Titled link up to bring you some fresh material.

Check it out.

All We Want: Ronnie Fieg for Sebago 2011 Fall/Winter Iroquois Boots...

Via Hypebeast:

" Footwear designer, and now shop owner, Ronnie Fieg is gearing up for yet another quality release, this time for the much-heralded Black Friday. The offering is a pair of Sebago Iroquois Boots, one optioned in premium black leather and the other in oily chestnut suede. Much like his previous drop of the Odanak boots, these variations also welcome the detachable fringe that clearly entices with these makeups as well. Also lined in leather, each edition will see 96 pairs available, retailing at $160 USD, with availability on Friday, November 25 at 11 a.m. EST through Fieg’s Kith Brooklyn and New York locations, as well as online. "

With a very clean aesthetic, removable shroud, and a look that harkens back to the offerings of Visvim from Fall's of the past; we must say that Ronnie Fieg's latest brand re-interpretation, as we like to cleverly call it, has offered us yet again a spectacular Fall shoe for 2011.

We were able to snag a pair of the limited Ronnie Fieg x Polo Ralph Lauren Burnt Red Ranger boots, pictured below, in 2010 and we were more than delightful with the quality and design.

Needless to say we'll do our best to snag a pair to make our Winter that much more stylish and well kept.

New Music: J57 feat. Silent Knight - Craft Brewed...

Check out the latest leak from, New York's own Brown Bag AllStar, J57's forthcoming EP; 2057.

How do you want it? Dirty or clean? You can choose below. Enjoy!!

Download "Craft Brewed (Dirty Version)" HERE

Download "Craft Brewed (Clean Version)" HERE

The Audible Doctor (Emcee/Producer)
J57 (Emcee/Producer)
Soul Khan (Emcee)
E Holla (DJ)
DJ Goo (DJ)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video: MeLo-X - BET Follow Friday Freestyle...

Brooklyn bred, renaissance man MeLo-X linked up with BET to explain his path in the world of artistry:

" Now that the warm days and nights are done and all the Kings and Queens are shacked up in their huts, The Humble Servant MeLo-X finds a cozy spot at FreeCandy Brooklyn to chop it up with BET. Sit back and observe MeLo as he uses his beat machine to beat the machine and makes his move to occupy all networks. Live Free, Love Free and Follow Free. "

Learn more about Melo by visiting his website here:

Monday, November 21, 2011

Video: L.A. VanGogh- Shayna Drew Me...

Listen/ Download Here. LA VanGogh- Shayna Drew Me

Ok, here's something totally new...

L.A. VanGogh is an artist from the south suburbs of Chicago, signed to an independent label named JDR Sounds. He recently released his first music video for a newly released song called "Shayna Drew Me."

We enjoyed the clean aesthetic of the video, as is the case with most videos in this day and age being shot with digital SLR's, in addition to the chilled out vibe we got while going on a musical journey hearing thoughts from a man who recollects formulating them on the day when a young woman decided to capture his visage.

All in all the song is pretty good, it reminds us of a time in hip-hop when there were still long album cuts and B-Sides. We see bright things for this young upstart if he delivers consistently in his lane.

What are your thoughts?

Reach out to L.A. VanGogh and let him know what you think. Or simply follow his Twitter page and stay in the loop as he gets drawn some more.

Twitter: @VanGogh_said

Video: MKS feat. Sha Stimuli - Might Kill Some'n...

Check it out:

" First visual from the MKS mixtape [Mark'que Kebba Streetz] featuring Sha Stimuli. Available exclusively on for FREE. Directed by Lulu Bichon. Produced by Talen Ted. "


While doing what we habitually do in the email inbox we came across a little gem from MKS. They linked up with Sha Stimuli for this ode to girding it out when times get hard.

Stay in touch with MKS, as well as Sha Stimuli; or simply tell them how gutter this record is by contacting them on their respective Twitter pages.

@iamMarkque @iamKebba @StreetzMusic @ShaStimuli

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