Friday, May 29, 2009

Video: Because We <3 Nissans...

Because we could school you about KA-T's, SR20's, and the difference between a Sil-Eighty and a Zenki rear end bumper.

So shut up.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Video: PreZZure Presents CanYaFeeliT??? Commercial #11...

Over Blu's instrumental "No Greater Love".

Download/ Listen Here. PreZZure Presents CanYaFeeliT Commercial #11

This is seriously getting downloaded and thrown into the iPod rotation.

Catch up with PreZZure, this boy's all over the innanet!

PreZZure links:


Video: Dream Feat. Kanye West - Walking On The Moon...

Artists That Keep It Gutter Pt.2....

More interesting street art adaptation from Brazil.

Previous post Here.

Video: Kanye West Feat. Mr. Hudson - Paranoid...

Strange, guess they did a slight overhaul since the version we seen LowKey liberate.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh You Hate Harlem??? Pt.1...

We, being New York residents must always acknowledge the roots of our city. For those who are not natives of this wonderful place it may serve as a shocker to you that we actually have come from a very dark, disturbing period which many rather forget. Many children were birthed from a time where it wasn't fairly easy to grab a skateboard and stroll down 14th street while blasting Lupe's newest single.

In a multiple part series we will pass these visuals on to you.

Learn, New York.

" Everything in Harlem is black - except all business which are owned by whites and immigrants. The only stores that are not owned by whites, the street people will tell you, are the omnipresent funeral homes, since white undertakers will have nothing to do with black bodies. Being an undertaker is one of the surest ways of reaching middle-class status. For death is as ubiquitous in Harlem as the fear haunting everybody beneath the uneasy sporadic laughter. Yet I feel safer as a member of the ever-present invisible "$%*#@%" in Harlem than most blacks are, for as always in slavery, aggression is aimed towards fellow victims rather than towards the hated oppressor. "

" This funeral home next to a drug rehabilitation center illustrates clearly the unremitting choice you have in Harlem - the choice between an instant death or an enslaved life under The Man. Thousands of addicts choose the door on the left. "

" This woman is a living illustration of the constant choice in Harlem. A mad attacker had broken into her apartment and tried to kill her with a big knife. She survived by jumping out a window on the third floor - and was crippled for life. "

" They are not only victims of that violence, but are capable of hitting back with all the viciousness injected into them by the 'American way of life.' Often on the roofs of New York I helped tie up these bound souls. On certain street corners in Harlem you see thousands of addicts every day waiting for heroin."

" At night not even the police dare move in these neighborhoods from whose shooting galleries we sometimes could enjoy an incredible view of the "big needle" on the Empire State Building. In my vagabond years I could easily knock the guns from listless heroin addicts, but the far more dangerous crack today makes addicts so paranoid that they riddle everyone around with bullets. "

" This man, who had been an addict for 16 years, suffered from malnutrition and running sores all over his body. He was unable to find any more healthy spots to shoot up in and therefore had to take the foul-smelling bandage off his leg to find a vein. "

" He suffered terribly and knew all too well that he had less than two years left to live. Therefore he had nothing to lose, and urged me to show the pictures to the world in order to frighten other young people so that they should never come to suffer like himself. "

Stay tuned for more.

Gear: Ladies, Nike Wants In On The Coliseum...

Interesting enough, Brand Nike just got wind of the sweeping phenomenon that are Gladiator Sandals in womens' fashion.

These are available Here.

Unfortunately, the matching shields and chariots are sold seperately.

Colette Online Shop

New Music: J Face - Salvation...

Listen/Download Here. J Face - Salvation

That Terminator sample was right on cue.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Events: B+C Magazine Issue Release...

Come out and celebrate the Summer Edition Issue 2 of Boys+Clothes Magazine. It will be held at the trendy indoor/outdoor space Hope Lounge located in the artsy Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

Support these talented females as they embark on a journey of bringing you not only interesting commentary but a whole new perspective on what women really want!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Events: Matador/Insound/FADER Sonic Youth Listening Event...

Don't Miss your chance to preview the newest release from Matador Records

Sonic Youth - The Eternal

Food & Beverages provided by Two Boots & Beerlao

Friday, May 22nd from 6pm - 8pm

Envoy Gallery at 131 Chrystie Street, New York NY


Must be over 21 to attend

Entrance Based on capacity

Video: Nothing Is Sacred...

" Note, the Cosby Show XXX might be the most talked about movie of the year. A spoof of the popular television show from the 1980s, the porn parody is a hilarious look at the former king of NBCs Must See TV lineup. Actor/comedian Thomas Ward is brilliant in his role as Cliff the father and has a remarkable resemblance to the Jell-O Pudding King. "

Oh we go.

Stop pretending like you aren't curious now.

Not even a little?

Ever Heard A Rapper Say "I Eat Beats For Breakfast"...

GTFO!! That's cool as hell.

Video: Ubik "Voxel"...

After you're done saying "What the hell?! Wow that's cool." You can check Here for more cool videos.

Based out of London, Ubik take their inspiration for creating their short videos from artists around the world. They collaborate on more of a personal level by reaching out and making product that's directly inspired by the artists latest material to complement.

The music for the video was provided by Jon Hopkins, reworking the track “A Drifting Up”, from his album “Insides”.


Artists That Keep It Gutter...

Anderson Augusto and Leonardo Delafuente started what is called the 6emeia project, in an effort to liven up the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

These are pretty cool. We never saw the corner as a place to hustle your art..usually, due to our upbringing and surroundings, we've known the corner for something a bit more..illegal.

Nonetheless the amount of imaginative energy it takes for us to shape bland surroundings into beacons of expression and transfer them via modern tools never ceases to amaze.

Definitely Abstract

All We Want:What's Your Pick? Toothpick Illumination Fixture...

Designer Diaisuke Hiraiwa really went all out on this one. This is definitely our favorite "Pick" in the world of interior design items. (Yes we browse on the low)

Here the designer adhesively brings together over 1500 toothpicks mixed with illumination aspects to create this functional installment.

Be oh so kind? Christmas isn't that far..


Via DesignBoom

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