Saturday, April 17, 2010

Video: GTDS Presents "Sunday At The Dojo"...

" While out in N.Y. for my mans Hi-Jynx “Doubt” video shoot, I was entered into a Ski Beatz sponsored Beat Battle at the last minute (Shouts to Tony Billz), while I can’t release that footage, I got a dope cosign and put together some quick shots of some of the music (from 24 Hour Karate School) and people at DD172 and The Dojo.

I’ll up Part 2 with the footage from the Hi-Jynx video shoot a little later.

One of our affiliate sites posts footage of his travels to NYC from CT to compete in a beat battle sponsored by veteran producer Ski Beatz. While he doesnt give away too much (We guess he's saving it for the anticipated Part Two) he does provide some clever editing in the process.


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Monday, April 12, 2010

Video: Lupe Fiasco Ten Minutes Of Laser @ The Fillmore...

Long live Lupe.

Video: Drake - Over...

"Never drop the ball...F*ck are you all thinkin'?" - Drake "Drizzy" Rogers

Gear: Shortypop Miss Piggy Tee...

Brand Shortypop, now defunct, released their last product which features Miss Piggy in all her splendor. We stated earlier the tee was to commemorate, in playful jest, the rendering of Brand Supreme's Kermit Shirt with photographer Terry Richardson.

Get them while they are still floating around, as these are surely a collector's item.

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For the Full Story on how brand Shortypop gracefully bowed out, Click Here.

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Mixtape: KEEN - ¥ - "Without Identity" (Beat Tape)...

Producer Keen-¥ offers another installment in his beat tape full course meal with his effort Without Identity. Obviously you're asking yourself who is Keen-¥ and why should you give him a listen out of any of the 100,000 + "Beat Makers" floating around the internet these days?

All we can simply say in response is...don't say that we didnt introduce you to your new love at the wedding wise that is.


1. The Coochie
2. Can't You See?
3. Silent Leader
4. Flowers
5. Charismatic
6. Here We Go
7. Hard Work
8. Make It Mine
9. Just Be You
10. Integrity
11. Angels
12. Compassion
13. Make It Last
14. All Within You
15. Peace Song
16. Understand
17. Life Cycle
18. Selfless
19. Royalty
20. Destiny
21. We Back On
22. In The Sky
23. Lifetime
24. The Catalyst
25. Warriors
26. With You
27. Foundation
28. In The Moment
29. Intuition
30. 9 Minutes
31. Attracted, Never Chased It
32. Fanatical
33. Cool
34. Perfect
35. Refined
36. We Made It

Part One

Part Two

Check out more from the very talented up and comer at his internet digs:

Keen-¥ Also Tweets

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Monday, April 5, 2010

New Music: G.o.D Jewels - My Sax...

Listen/Download Here. G.o.D Jewels - My Sax...

First leak off G.o.D. Jewels’ upcoming project, Greatness Opens Doors.

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