Saturday, December 27, 2008

Video: NaS + AZ Team Up For Classics...

Also guest appearing is Large Professor for Nasir's joint "Live At The BBQ" & "You're Da Man".

Via Youtube

New Music: No, No, No...Notorious...

We heard a couple of radio DJ's buzzing about a certain record Jadakiss had done in which he penned a litter to the late Notorious B.I.G. Dubbed "Letter to B.I.G", we heard it was extra dope and Jada went in respectfully as you'd expect.

...Fast forward to this week and there was a radio rip + leak of said song...

Enjoy, because for now this is all you're going to get.

Listen/Download Here. Jadakiss Feat Faith Evans - Letter To B.I.G

Courtesy of the good folks at Hot 97 and Mister Cee.

Bonus: Notorious Soundtrack Track listing

1. “Notorious Thugs” (featuring Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
2. “Hypnotize”
3. “Notorious”
4. “Juicy”
5. “Party & Bullsh–”
6. “Warning”
7. “One More Chance” remix (featuring Faith Evans)
8. “Brooklyn Go Hard” (Jay-Z featuring Santogold)
9. “Letter to B.I.G.” (Jadakiss featuring Faith Evans)
10. “Kick in the Door”
11. “What’s Beef”
12. “World Is Filled”
13. “One More Chance” (featuring CJ)
14. “The Notorious Theme” (composed by Danny Elfman)
15. “Microphone Murderer” (previously unreleased demo)
16. “Guaranteed Raw” (previously unreleased demo)
17. “Love No Ho” (previously unreleased demo)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Video: Oh You Thought Nasty Nasir Forgot The Words???...

Right back in the Jesus snuffing flesh for your asses. Just incase you forgot.

Too Doooope!

Via Consequence's Kyte channel

Monday, December 22, 2008

Gear: Money Out Your Wallet, Fruit On Your Feet...

Just in time for the "Put it in your closet until spring season". Vans has thrown out on of their most no doubtedly most eye-catching shoes for their spring/summer 2009 release set.

The detailing of these shoe models (featuring the Chukka, Slip-On, and Authentic models) feature a green sole symbolising a watermenlon rind while the uppers are constructed to appear as the seeds and location of the sweet, juicy stuff.

Release date set for March 1st, bring a picnic blanket.

Video: Fool's Gold Holiday Party...

The King Of The Burbz catches up with a few notable heads at the party we told you about last week.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Video: Kanye West Doesn't Sample...

Nice little compilation of many of the records you've come to adore via Mr. West over the years. Although if some of 808s & Heartbreak weren't directly "sampled", they were inspired from some great old tunes.

Kanye's mental recollective memory for classic joints must be awesome. Music heads stand up.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Video: Forget You Kanye!!! Autotune With...No Autotune...

Supposedly this guy is a homeless man who just enjoys having a damn good time. Knowing the record industry, years ago they probably heard his voice and invented a special machine to duplicate his talents and dubbed it the "Vocoder" which stands for "Vagrant-Recorder".

Thus autotune was born.

Link: Yeah. That's exactly how it happened, damnit!

Via Youtube

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Events: Get Your Creep On Tonight In N.Y.C...

Here are the details:

You're personally invited to the brand new monthly featuring DJ JASMINE SOLANO!

This Thursday, December 18th begins a secret monthly gem in the middle of the Lower East Side, NYC. Hosted by D*STAR, MELO-X & STREET COSIGNOR! And of course, PHOTOS BY TONE! Spinning strictly R&B, SOUL & SLOW JAMS, cReEp will be the go-to-spot for die hard fans of El Debarge, Shanice, R.Kelly, Donnell Jones, Mint Condition, Soul 4 Real, Biggie, Aaliyah, Keith Sweat, Monica, Mary J. Blige, H-Town, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Prince, Snap!, Silk, Groove Theory, Snoop, Timbaland & Magoo, Shirley Brown, Barbara Mason, Atlantic Starr, Usher, Salt-N-Pepa, SMV, Jodeci, The Commodores and more!

There is No Cover and you can come and cReEp from 10pm-4am!

Located at:

87 Ludlow between Delancey St. & Broome St. The closet train is the F, J, M, Z to Essex St./Delancey St. The train is located only 1 block from 87 Ludlow.

Make sure you RSVP on

Joe Budden Gives You The Key To His Padded Room...


01. Now I Lay (produced by Blastah Beatz)
02. The Future f/ The Game (produced by Fyu-chur)
03. If I Gotta Go (produced by the Klasixs)
04. Don’t Make Me (produced by Blastah Beatz)
05. Blood On The Wall (produced by Moss)
06. In My Sleep (produced by Blastah Beatz)
07. Exxxes (produced by the Klasixs)
08. I Couldn’t Help It (produced by the Klasixs)
09. Adrenaline (produced by Dub B)
10. Happy Holidays (produced by Quan)
11. Do Tell (produced by Blastah Beatz)
12. Angel In My Life (produced by Blastah Beatz)
13. Pray For Me (produced by Versatile & Dilemma)

Joe Budden's Padded Room scheduled to release for retail February 24th

Video: Your Moment Of Zen...


Shaking our heads.

But rubbing our chins...

Video: N.E.R.D - Sooner Or Later...

Skateboard Pizzle doing more of his thing. See, when you didn't abuse autotune as much in a world devoid of one "Teddy Pinned Her Ass Down", dudes punked P and said he was a fool for trying to wince his way through a verse or a whole record even with his weird singing. Today no lie, he's like a breath of fresh air.

Stay faaaar away from that autotune youngins'.

Also if you haven't, go pick up Seeing Sounds

Video: Busta Rhymes ft. Ron Browz, Diddy, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain, Akon & Lil Wayne - Arab Money (Remix) (Behind The Scenes) Pt. 3

Bussa Bust doing what he does best. Lil' Weeziana looking like he's been slowing down the sipping of his famous styrofoamed helmed substances.

Swiped from NR.

Events: DJ Preemo Rockin' Fool's Gold Live In NYC...

Click to enlarge.

Yeah, you heard us. If donating cans and being a saint for the holidays isn't your thing (Which it really should.) then go shake that thang at crew Pepsi Proper's downtown jam.

Pepsi Proper presents

with special guests
9pm-1am / 21+
12 West 21st St
New York City

Your weekend is looking super already. Dope!

Events: Be Thoughtful, Bring A Can...

TONIGHT!!! Thursday December 18th, 2008 Children of Da Curb & Building Young Minds, in collaboration with Coup d' Etat Brooklyn, Lyricist Lounge, Love is Love, Zote Projects...and friends are proud to present, " A Holiday Fundraiser and Food Drive"

The event will serve as a fundraiser to support the youth of South Africa through ZOTE Projects ( & Building Young Minds ( This event will also be a food drive to donate products to local food pantries in NYC. The event will be featuring live performances, DJ's and live artist paintings. Donations for Zote and the food drive will be accepted at the door for admission.

No doubt, go out and support one of the kindest acts you have probably commited in the whole year.

Located At:

Sutra 16 1st Ave (btween 1st ave and 1st street) F train to 2nd ave.
Live Performances By: Jade, Rockstar Society, Natty Fire, & M. Island

Music By: Radio Rose, DJ Treats, Black Lion International Sound, & AKA 1st Class

Live Art By: Lichiban, Rizz, Pesu

$10 w/o donation $5 w/ donation

Please arrive early for live performances.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Video: 2001 Roc-A-Fella Funkmaster Flex Freestyle Pt. 7...

Yea, another one.

Lol at Hov's "Murder That"...

Via DontGetGassed.Com

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Gear: Nike To You, You To Nike...

When Nike first allowed you to customize its sneakers you went nuts. When they told you that they were opening up a store that allowed you to customized said footwear in person you went even more ballistic.

Now they move on to their apparel. Nike is now offering consumers to customized their line of Windbreaker jackets for the upcoming spring season. Peep the pics below:

As of right now you can only use up to 10 embroidered lettered characters, as well as choose the top and bottom portion colors for the jacket. Stay tuned to see how Nike's My Windrunner Campaign plays out.

Video: Kid CuDi & Jim Jones Performing Day-N-Night @ Highline...

From the Event we told you about previously.

More Footy:

Video: The Abstract Feat. Prince...

YO! Forget what you thought you knew. This is DOPE! If this didn't make you cheese like a giddy school girl, you've lost. Prince came out and rocked with Tip a little while at Tip's Las Vegas show at the House Of Blues.

Via NahRight

Video: Biggie, Biggie, Biggie...

The Rap Phenomonon DVD, that this will be featured on, hits stores January 27th.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Video: ?Uesto & SEMTEX Talk Who's '09 Hot...

Hmmm interesting indeed.

You can thank Smokeyyy for that one.

Video: Melo-X - Treat Her Right (Trailer)...

Melo-X is a creative dude no doubt. He really captures the aesthetic for a piece of which we couldn't even begin to fathom a suggested visual. If you don't know the man, he's been taking New York's eclectic nightlife scene by a quiet storm.

Get familiar, familia!

*Cough*Titties*Cough*, so NSFW.

Melo-X Homepage

New Music: Paul Scientific Plays Golf In The Ghetto...

Hmm, a conventional break from pick-up games of basketball? Nonetheless something interesting about the front cover art. Let's give it a try...

Chicagoan Paul Scientific shot this over to us. Here he speaks his piece:

" This music is the voice of the people with none, who often hustle for funds, and mamas raising their sons to stay away from them guns. I been doing this for about 10 years or so, so its nothing new to me. Although I'm a rapper/MC, I'm what very few other rappers are, and that is a fan. "


1. Without Hip-Hop Feat. Kiza Sosay
2. Howard-138th
3. The Shoe Song
4. DJ Supreme
5. So Amazing Feat. Wendy Brickhouse

Paul Scientific: The Ghetto Golf EP

What do you think? Trade in your BBall shorts for caddies and polos?

Paul Scientific Homepage

Gadgets: Tis' The Season To Be Nooka...

This holiday your wrists will thank you for not slitting them due to whatever economic depression or legislative "bailout" you're experiencing. They'll thank you because they'll be graciously outfitted with these awesomely abstract timepieces from brand Nooka.

For the 2008 Holiday shuffle Nooka produced two pieces shown here, the Zirc and the Zon. The Zon is Nooka's most creative design up to date due to the fact that it allows you to digitally scroll through all 24-Time Zones with ease. Both pieces will be available for purchase in the Nooka Online Store.

Stop by to see the available colorways.

What else would you expect from a New York Brand outfitting "The City That Dismisses Shut Eye" with awesome time keepers?

Nooka Online Shoppe

Images Via Hypebeast

Video: 2001 Roc-A-Fella Funkmaster Flex Freestyle Pt. 6...

Funk Flex flex's on the in the early two thous with more Roc Familia goodness.

Nasir they went in on your beat.

Via OnSmash & DontGetGassed.Com

Video: Q-Tip Misses The Old New York...

However he understands that things, or rather times, change.

While other artists are saying The City That Never Sleeps should take a dirt nap and Fuck itself, others are saying they remember when it was a dirty little, weed smoking on the train, kung-fu flick watching, bas ass motherfucker.


Fuck You Joe Budden.

Video: Grafh - Your Welcome...

Listen/Download Here. Grafh - Your Welcome

New dopeness from the Black Hand representer himself. He promises more visuals on the way as well as new material.

Props to Jabari

Events: Wale, KiD Cudi, Mark Ronson, DJ Nick Catchdubs @ Highline Ballroom...

Come one come all!

Doors open @ 7 p.m. sharp so be there. Tickets are $18.00 @ the door.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Video: No, No, Fuck You Joe Budden...

Nah, he isn't lying though. We've been to numerous, countless, an immeasurable amount of live shows here in the City of God where you'd swear dudes with a certified buzz on the come up were performing for statues.

It may be the overwhelming undertone of such a "Small Big City" that naturally causes people to not want to be outside themselves in a selective atmosphere. You won't be that vulnerable in a familiar, comfortable setting. Then again there's our complex.

"Fuck You"

You <3 N.Y.

New Music: Jay-Z Feat. MC Lyte - BK Anthem...

Listen/Download Here. Jay-Z Feat. MC Lyte - BK Anthem

Jay seems to be doing his man Notorious B.I.G right by appearing on the soundtrack to the motion picture for the late Christopher Wallace and spitting some potent Brooklyn New York homage. Here he's assisted by MC Lyte for the BK anthem.

" Man I ran through the 'Bush bought pounds off them dreads/ They had the best beef patties and cocoa bread." - Brooklyn Jay

Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Music: Blaqstarr Feat. Rye Rye - In The Mood...

Listen/Download Here. Blaqstarr Feat. Rye Rye - In The Mood

Upon opening a slew of Electronic Mail...

Rye Rye is M.I.A's B-More bred "understudy" so to speak. Yeah, that girl that's always with her. With the recent hype surrounding M.I.A this past year due to her sleeper hipster hit "Paper Planes" being in the motion picture Pineapple Express and remixed by the Capo himself Jim Jones, you'd expect her un-pregnant protege` to spring forward with some dope music of her own.

If you're not feeling that joint, check out the remix to "Tic Toc" with Jamaica's own Busy Signal featuring Rye Rye

Listen Below. Busy Signal Feat. Rye Rye - Tic Toc


You can thanks Smokeyyy over @ for this one.

RYE RYE Myspace

Video: The Bloody Beetroots - Cornelius (Trailer)...

OK OK OK. Before you ask.

We love things like this.

If you have never heard of European based The Bloody Beetroots then it's ok, it just means that you just need to surf the waves of the innanets a little more feverishly as us. You have a life.

That's why we're here.

Recently uploaded to Vimeo, The B. Beetroots take us on a Justice-esque romp on one of their nights of debauchery (Then again we LOVE the "Stress" video). Look out for their EP Cornelius. The Bloody Beetroots have some pretty dope joints. Check them out. Ahh! Brings back memories of High School parties...if we had only went to High School with coked up teachers and loose girls.

Umm kinda true..

The Bloody Beetroots Homepage


Friday, December 5, 2008

New Music: Foxy Brown - Riker's Island...

Listen/Download Here. Foxy Brown - Riker's Island

Daily Email time.

Inga Marchand a.k.a Foxy Brown just dropped this gem of a post release record. As much as you'd expect Jamaican bad words and female bragadoccio.


" Recent pics of Foxy @ raggea star Mavado's concert in Queens, Ny. Rumor has it Foxy is featured on Mavado's international remix to his dancehall hit "I'm So Special"... which should be dropping soon! "

Respect, rude gal.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Video: Q-Tip @ Highline Ballroom + More...

Tip Showing You How It's Done On An MPC:

Something Old & Something New:

Tip Lets You Youngin's Know:

Earlier in the week A Tribe Called Quest front man The Abstract Poetic gave a dope performance at NYC's Highline Ballroom. Other notable performances were The Cool Kids and Pac Div who are all getting their come uppins in the game.

The second video is of Tip explaining why thou shalt pay homage.

Video: Jake One Feat. MF DOOM - Trap Door (Promo)...

To be shot by the man who is currently degenerating the hip-hop video industry.

Hopefully DOOM's fans get what they've been truly waiting for, and that being the real DOOM in these video shots rather than his reported "DOOM-posters" as of late.

Off of Jake One's White Van Music, which we have yet to fully listen to.

Freeway talks about White Van Music:

Affiliates: ATCQ's Got Something Going On...

Lo and behold it seems that while we were stuffing our faces with turkey and enjoying some wonderment of what was the Chelsea Football Club Movie, the good folks over at A Tribe Called Next were planning "Operation Facelift".

Always ones to never sleep, The Tribe has brought the noise with their new design and montage of photos showcasing their panache` for the four out of five digits on their hands. We always found the throwing up of their trademark "fours" very dope.

If you can't afford the plane fare to visit them in person and share your life's experience and throw a four with The Tribe, just visit them here from the comfort of your living room.


A Tribe Called Next Hompage

Video: What The Clipse Have Clothes? + More...

Bonus Clip: Jabari Interviews The Clipse

Props To Jabari

Video: 2001 Roc-A-Fella Funkmaster Flex Freestyle Pt. 5...


Over the oochie wally and dead wrong instrumentals.

Via DontGetGassed.Com

Video: Wale - Nike Boots...

Finally Wale and Co. debut this gem that got him the notoriety he revels in today. Straight from the behind the scenes we showed you before.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gear: Get A Freakin' Cab...

Designer Kate Spade has released these one of a kind "Taxi Mittens" for the busy New Yorker on the go. We know it's been hard this winter getting yourself properly situated in a Taxi to help you get to your busy meeting on the crumbling Wall Street, well here's a little assistance.

Act fast because the day that these were available the first time around on Kate Spade's Online Boutique they sold out almost instantly. Keep your eyes for them at the stores near you or visit the Kate Spade Online Boutique

Kate Spade Online Boutique

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Music: Jay-Z & Santogold - Brooklyn We Go Hard...

Listen/Download Here. Jay-Z Feat. Santogold - Brooklyn (We Go Hard)


Jordan played for the Wizards.

Santogold and Jay-Z trade verses on this track supposedly produced by Mr. Love Lockdown himself. This collaborative feat is for the Notorious B.I.G biographic Motion Picture and will be available on the movies soundtrack.

Good look for Santogold.

Santogold Myspace

Gear: You'll Be Wearing...

Here is a preview of some footwear from Brand You Must Create for their Fall/Winter '08 collection.

Very nicely done. YMC hits us again with some nice fancy footwork. The deck shoe and slip-on models are seen here getting the shine with a lightning bolt upper and perforated leather respectively. You can pick these up Here.

YMC Online Boutique

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