Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sale At Reed Space...

With all the money you spent on loved ones this past holiday season, it's only right that you treat yourself to something a little nice.

Here's how this works. Starting January 31st. - Sunday February 3rd, Reed Space will offer an initial markdown of 20 % off and will increase everyday at a 10% increment! So that means by sunday everything discounted will be 50% off. Awesome! Enjoy.

Located at:

Reed Space
151 Orchard Street (bet. Rivington and Stanton)
New York, NY 10002

Selections Also Available Here. Reed Space NYC

It's That Time Again Kiddies...

If you are familiar with streetwear and you have the opportunity to live in New York it is safe to say that you have graced the interior of the Supreme New York boutique. Well since another holiday has passed please believe that another Supreme Post Holiday sale is upon us.

We were in the Supreme boutique earlier this week and let's just say that there were plenty of things that we wanted to get our hands on. Everything from varsity jackets to hoodies are reduced in price and you already Supreme, that's a rare event. Enjoy.

Located at:

274 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10012

Shopping Also Available Here. Supreme NYC

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lil' Wanye Spazzing Out...

A video that was shot by a fan at a recent Lil' Wayne concert. Dwayne Carter Jr. seems to be mad at his Dj and entourage for some unspecified reason. Rumors have been circulating that this coincides with the recent arrest he underwent and is mad because no one in his camp took the blame for him possessing narcotics and other illegal paraphernalia.

Smh Wayne...I bet they beat your ass when all the fans left and your bodygaurds took a nice lil' nap. Humble yourself fast Paper Soldier.

Bonus Pictures:

Video Via Youtube.

Jay-Z - Pray (Live)

Jay performed the song "Pray" live off of his coneptual album American Gangster. Great song, this will be Jay's third single following "Blue Magic" , and "Roc Boys" in that order.

Video Via Youtube

Get Your Damn 3-D Glasses...

With new ways to get your images out there and seen by millions popping up everyday, it can be argued that ever since Missy Elliott had a music video where she spat rhymes while dressed in a black trashbag was one of the most visually appealing.

Now Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott plans to take it a step further by releasing a video for the song "Ching-A-Ling" off of the Step Up 2 original movie soundtrack. The video is rumored to be premiered on MTV in the upcoming weeks and will be shot entirely in 3-Dimensional fashion.

Although this is a great way to separate yourself form the pack, how many of us have 3-D glasses just laying around? I mean, we do...but what about you?

Listen to Ching-A-Ling Here. Missy Elliott - Ching-A-Ling

Prodigy - New Yitty

Listen Here. Prodigy - New Yitty

Off of HNIC2, Prodigy delivers. Yeah, you already know this was played several times. "We like Super Dave..."

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gnarls Barkley - Run

Listen Here. Gnarls Barkley - Run

A new song has been floating around the internet from the group Gnarls Barkley titled "Run". It is off of their still unnamed follow up to the critically acclaimed 2006 release St. Elsewhere.

Here is what Danger Mouse, one half of the group, had to say about the current status of their groove:

"It sounds like we're more comfortable with each other and just as uncomfortable with everybody and everything else."

Look out for Gnarls Barkley's new album due out this spring.

Jadakiss - Roc Boys Freestyle

Listen Here. Jadakiss - Roc Boys Freestyle

Jadakiss. If he's not in your "Top (xx) Emcees" list then go kill yourself.

G-Unit - Bottom Girl

Listen Here. G-Unit - Bottom Girl

New G-Unit song via ThisIs50.Com. We miss the old G-Unit that's why we put up the God's Plan Mixtape cover. This track is pretty good, throwing it into the Ipod rotation. Lord knows we've all had a Bottom Girl/ or Dude (for you ladies). G-Unit, the Gang.

Via ThiIs50

Erykah Badu - Honey

We L-O-V-E Ms. Badu. The first single off of her new upcoming album is titled "Honey" and is produced by 9th Wonder. She has been tentatively calling her new album KahBa.

Here's what Erykah had to say about the tricky title choosing:

"As I started to record, I don't know what it is," Badu admitted. "As my music belly gets bigger, as the date comes closer to delivering this baby, I figure it would be a little more fair to name it when it's done and I can see it. Sometimes I have in mind exactly what I'm doing and I have a clever name -- like Mama's Gun. I just knew I was gonna name my album Mama's Gun and I made the music to fit that title. In this case I'm creating as I go so I think it's only fitting and fair that I give this title when it comes."

We look forward to this new effort by Ms. Badu. 2008 is shining!!!

Bonus Video:

Erykah, your swag is so Dope. Females with already know the wifey book is coming out.

School Uniforms Suck...

If you have been following the Abstract Minds Blog you know well by now that we support Public School greatly. Being inspired by the Greatest City in The World, New York, Public School sure is delivering the goods and representing the City That Never Sleeps with pride. The good people over at Freshness Magazine went to the Capsule show which allowed them to preview some great pieces from the line.

Public School is definitely in the building. Class is now in session.

Photos Via FreshnessMag

All We Want...Carmine VI&Blk XVII Pack

As many of you have heard by now, this year is supposedly the last year for the numbered Air Jordan model. If you haven't heard well let us briefly get you up to speed.

In the year 1984 Nike inc. sat down with a young man named Michael Jordan and discussed with him the possibility of him wearing a new line of footwear that they would dub "Air Jordans". However young Michael seemed very, very uninterested. "I can't wear those shoes" Michael said, "Those are Devil Colors!"

Fast forward over two DECADES and countless billions of dollars in revenue that these "Devil colored" shoes have earned Nike and the legend and legacy obviously speaks for itself.

Now after countless models, this year (2008) saw the birth of the most controversial model yet, the "23". The reason why this model is so special is because the number that Mr. Jordan wore during his spectacular run on the NBA's Chicago Bulls team was such. To commemorate this special achievement of successfully releasing 23 shoe models, Brand Jordan is re-releasing all the sneakers over the 20-some years in special shoe packs that will consist of two shoes each that numerically add up to the number 23 by the model numbers. Cool isn't it?

The first pack thus far that have been released are the XIII(13) and X(10) pack. A future pack slated for release is the XVII(17) and VI(6) pack. The shoes pictured here are the VI's(6's). They are in the "Carmine" colorway and have not been retroed since 1991! The other shoes in the pack, which are the XVII's(17's) are reported to be an all black colorway with nubuck material on the toe and heel areas. However the Carmines are definitely what will make this pack extremely popular seeing as how this may be the last time that you will ever be able to get your hands on them.

The XVII's:

There will be lines.

They will be long.

We will be there.


Bonus: Air Jordan X & XIII Package 1/19/08

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Pharrell Williams x Louis Vuitton: Blason Jewelry

Neptunes producer Pharrell Williams teams up with Louis Vuitton to create Blason Jewelry. Camille Miceli of Louis Vuitton sought the help of Pharrell to help bring a flair to the jewelry line that will give it appeal to a larger audience. Available around the second quarter of this year it should be interesting.

Lloyd Banks - Another 70 Bars

This is a new freestyle by Lloyd Banks. He claims that he's back from his hiatus, what do you guys think? Is he?

Listen Here.

Lloyd Banks - Another 70 Bars

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

50 Cent - You Ain't Crazy

A new joint that recently surfaced on the net. "You Ain't Crazy" Sources say it might either be from the upcoming project Righteous Kill or a G-Unit compilation track due to the length it plays at the end allowing more vocals to be layed.

Listen Here. 50 Cent- "You Ain't Crazy"

Nah, he's really not.

Via Nahright

Brooklyn's Best Kept Secret...

Shh, do not mention at the door that Abstract Minds sent you...

Are you kidding me, of course you should! Take a look at Williamsburg's latest cocktail hotspot Hotel Delmano. Although there are rarely any rooms available for booking, the 'hotel' moniker is simply to supplement the ambiance.

Upon first glance this Brooklyn dig is unassuming, that is, until you enter via the side gates into a lounge atmosphere fit for the most hush weekend relax spots of manhattan. A decorated interior sporting antique remnants, faded paint and marble-top tables all draw you in. A front bar is available as well as a more intimate area in the rear of the lounge perfect for getting cozy with that shorty at the bar. With an impressive list of cocktails, Hotel Delmano is sure to be on your new weekend checklist.

Go for the cocktails, stay for the suites...

Hotel Delmano, 82 Berry (entrance on N. 9th), Williamsburg, 718-387-1945

More on Hotel Delmano Here.

Real Talk: Ghostface

And that's straight up.

Via Youtube.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beanie Sigel - Go Low (w/ Rock City) [Prod. by Eric Hudson]

New visual from the Broad Street Bully himself "Go Low" off of his latest effort The Solution. Shot by the man Rik Cordero of Three/21 Media, as if you didn't know who he is already!

Via Youtube.

Colin Munroe - I Want Those Flashing Lights

Introducing Colin Munroe. An artist from Toronto Canada, Colin recorded his own version of "Flashing Lights", a track off of Kanye West's Graduation. It is a pretty good record and the video is even better. Good things have been coming out of canada lately besides good maple syrup.

For more music,visit Colin Here at his Myspace.

Cam'ron - Pass Da Dutchie

Cam'ron is back from a lengthy hiatus with a new track titled Pass Da Dutchie. Will he be coming back to re-ignite old beefs or is this a new Cam we're gonna see? Either way...he'll be wearing something pink and using the word "Shuga Duga". Sigh.

Listen/Download Here

N*E*R*D - Everyone Nose

The Neptunes will be releasing a new album this spring titled Seeing Sounds. This album will be the follow up to 2004's Fly or Die. Here is the first single off their new album.

N.E.R.D - Everyone Nose

Monday, January 21, 2008

Introducing: Jay Electronica

“Too many people are touted as ‘a problem,’ or ‘coming to change the game’ in hip-hop, only to wind up as a footnote in the musical landscape. Jay Electronica is different. Maybe that’s the best way to describe him, different. A year ago there weren’t many people who would recognize the name Jay Electronica, but in the last 12 months, the mysterious New Orleans native has created a surprising, internet-based buzz, while still remaining mostly an enigma. From the 20 + tracks of his that infiltrated the net there are collaborations with Guilty Simpson and Mr. Porter, beats by the underrated Nottz as well as the legendary J Dilla (RIP). Yet even with such an impressive roster of collaborators, Jay shines undauntedly…” excerpt from an upcoming article in SHOOK, a hip hop magazine from the UK.

After listening to Jay Electronica's work, we can only say wow. We haven't heard devout and unfiltered lyricism like this since a young Mos Def. Backed by Erykah Badu, Just Blaze and countless others Jay Electronica plans to become a stand alone voice in Hip-Hop music. With a slew of obscure and abstract references in his lyrics he is definately worth a listen...or several.

Check out this IN DEPTH article on Jay's music and lifestyle, as well as what some of his supporters in the industry had to say about the multi-talented Emcee. It was a really great read.

An incomplete track that has been floating around the internet: Here

2008 is looking more and more musically interesting by the minute!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
January 15, 1939 - April 4, 1968
Thankyou Dr. King. Your legacy lives on.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Unreleased NaS Videos:

The Unauthorized Biography Of Rakim (U.B.R):

These Are Our Heroes:

These two unreleased NaS videos recently surfaced on the internet. Shouts to Illroots.

Madvillain - Accordion

By now you should have heard of New York native MF DOOM. Here is a video that has recently hit the net via the Stones Throw 102 DVD. This song is off of his collaborative effort with a very talented producer by the name of Madlib titled Madvillainy. Personally we love this song and feel that simpler videos are sometimes more aesthetically pleasing than big million dollar productions.

"Giving Y'all nothing but the lick like two broads." - DOOM

Via Youtube.

Wu-Tang x Hammerstein Ballroom

Video Footage:

Pictures and video from the Wu-Tang Clan's performance at the Hammerstein Ballroom earlier this week. Among those in attendance were P. Diddy and Tracy Morgan. Redman also came out to perform his collaborative efforts with Methodman.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Slim 'Fat' Shady

"Eminem was hospitalized over the Christmas holiday for possible heart problems as well as pneumonia and seems to be going down hill fast according to friends and his Mother. The rapper has been living in a constant state of depression." ... Continue.

"Reportedly well on his way to obesity at the rate he's going, the 5 foot 7 rapper currently weighs in at approximately 203 pounds. Suffering from insomnia, Eminem has taken to ordering in--mostly Mexican food and filet mignon--often paying for himself and his entire entourage. His mother has expressed concern at his current physical state, likening him to the late Elvis Presley. "He's let his blond hair grow out, so everything but the ends are dark, his face has broken out in pimples and he's put on so much weight that he's causing all sorts of other health problems for himself."

Damn Marshall, don't go out like that. We wonder what is the cause for this depression which may have a negative impact on his health, SMH. Get well.

Connect Four: The New 'In' Thing?

We've shown you Kanye vs. Beyonce in a friendly game of Connect Four. Now we bring you a clip of Jay-Z kicking ass. Hey, it's been big in the hood. Where are you from?

Via Youtube.

Consequence - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ft. Kanye West

Here is a pretty good song off of Consequence's album Don't Quit Your Day Job. Consequence, a New York emcee, is signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D (Getting Out Our Dreams) Music label.

Introduced to hip-hop audiences in 1996 with his appearance on A Tribe Called Quest's album Beats, Rhymes and Life (a opportunity in part made possible by the fact that Q-Tip was his cousin)... Continue.

Listen to more songs from Consequence Here.

Video Via YouHeardThatNew.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

For Your Coffee Tables...

Introducing the "Beat Bearing"

How Abstract is That?

Created by Peter Bennett, a student at the Sonic Arts Research Center, this is truly a sight to see. Peter specializes in drum and sequencer interfacing and produced this nifty little gadget fusing his know-how with ball bearing tech. Dubbed the "Beat Bearing" by placing ball bearings into the cup they activate the "Brain" and the lights determine how high or low the pitch of sound is executed.

Great job Peter, you are definitely Abstract Minded.

New Meaning For 'Fancy Belt'

We here at Abstract Minds:New York always put our readers on to the new and innovative ways of doing the things that we love. Let's do lunch.

Introducing Sakae Sushi. Opening this friday Jan. 18th, this midtown eatery fuses western culinary technology with the hustle and bustle of New York's residents. Lunch is the most overlooked meal of the day, and here is the solution. The main attraction to this establishment is the 97-foot long conveyor belt that spans and curls around the length of the room. Each booth along the belt has a menu and as you see something you like you remove it from the belt, simple isn't it? You pay by the plates which are color coded. And for those who are still prehistoric there is a wait staff on hand to help you out.

There are also flat screen TV's adorning the establishment which offer interactive menus. Choose from any of the treats on the belt, as well as a few pages worth of sashimi, hot dishes, bento boxes, beer and sake.

Sakae Sushi opens this friday and is located at 405 Lexington (On 43 St. between Lexington and 3rd Avenue)

See you there!
For more information look Here.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Being 'Flat' Used To Be A Bad Thing...

Holy Sh*t.

Today at the annual Macworld Exposition, Steve Jobs C.E.O of Apple, came bearing a slew of announcements for upcoming products, such as the "iPhone 2", and a couple of sneak peeks. Among these sneak peeks was Apple's new 13" Ultralight MacBook Air. At 0.76" thick and weighing in at about 3 pounds this notebook is the second thinnest notebook ever created! Editor's Note-The first company to create the thinnest notebook was sony, with their x505 model at 0.75" thick...BUT SONY WHERE IS YOUR SWAG?!

Here is a specification rundown:
1.6 or 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo on a shrunken socket, 2GB of RAM, and an 80GB hard drive (or 64GB SSD option). No optical drive and just one USB port. It costs $1,799, which is pretty inexpensive for a notebook sporting these specs.

2008 is getting better by the second!

Here is a video:

Via MacForums.

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