Friday, August 29, 2008

Video: T.I - What Up (Unofficial)

T.I.P has leaked footy of him and his P.$.C partying and having good times in lieu of Paper Trail, his latest effort, releasing soon.

Look for this record to get the single treatment pretty soon we have heard.

We feel this record. It's pretty dope.

Straight swiped from LowKey

Friday Nights @ 14th Street Union Square...

Thhhhaaaaaat Cypher! Tonight will be the last 14th Street Union Square cypher of the summer. Brought to you by the good emcees of New York/New Jersey, come out and kick it as they spit the best off the dome freestyles and lyrics the human mind can conjure. Live music and improv couldn't sound any better!

See you there. Abstract Minds N.Y.C will of course be in the house, err..street.

Located at:

14th Street Union Square (in the square)
Downtown Manhattan New York
N,Q,R,W,L,4,5,6 To 14th street

New Music: Mos Def - The Glow...

Yeah this is our official first "New Mos Def" post. We haven't heard/seen a new drop from Black Dante in a minute. Glad to have it here first.

Listen/Download Here. Mos Def - The Glow

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Supreme Fall/Winter '08 Collection...

...The more, the more pleasant.

If you have been anticipating the release of Brand Supreme's Fall/Winter offerings like we know you have then wait no longer. In addition to the super rediculously dope collaborations with companies such as Everlast for boxing gloves and mini keychains and also Master Lock combination locks, The main focus of course will be one of outerwear and head gear. Supreme definitely brings the heat this year with a slew of hooded sweatshirts and flannel apparel. We won't spoil it too much for you so when you're done head over to their Online Shop during the online release date and see if you can pick up the pieces.


The release dates are as follows:

NY/LA - Thursday, September 4th,
Japan - Saturday, September 6th and
Online - Monday, September 8th at 11:00 am EST.

Visit their Online Shop Here.


Windows Mobile 6.1, About Friggin TIME!!!...

OK, OK. Before all you BlackBerry/iPhone users out there go telling us "Told You So" and so forth let us just defend our stance by saying Windows Mobile IS reliable when used properly.

The long awaited ROM upgrade to ATT's windows mobile network has been released and it is certainly long overdue. Some of the new features in this update are better battery life, threaded SMS (Jesus, Yes!) and Video sharing among others.

Like we said, long overdue.

Windows Mobile based Users Click Here.

May We Suggest You Use Google...

On Google's Blog, yes Google has a Blog, the developers of the search engine announced that they will be rolling out a new feature dubbed "Google Suggest" over the next few weeks. This new tool has been previously seen in soft form on sites such as Youtube and other innanet sites featuring search engines optimized by google. You may remember seeing this feature sometime earlier this year, but usually only if you are of the Beta testing download ilk. The feature will go into full default swing for the betterment of searching for whatever it is that you, our readers, search for during your leisure.

We do not judge.

Supreme Has It Locked...

And we mean, literally. Here is one of the latest, straight left field collaboration effort from brand Supreme. This collaborative effort is with security padlock manufacturer Master Lock for limited edition padlocks in red, blue and black colorways. The back to school inspiration is no doubt in effect. Supreme just gave a new meaning to Highschool lockdown..

The release dates for the locks are as follows:

August 4th (Thursday) - NY & LA
August 6th (Saturday) - Japan
August 8th (Monday) - Online

Get 'em while you can. Supreme also has a collaboration with Boxing glove manufacturer Everlast.

Visit Supreme's Online Shop Here.

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