Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lupe The Gangsta...

Listen/Download Here. Lupe Feat. Stack Bundles - I Keep It Gutter Like (Pre Food & Liquor)

A pre Food & Liquor record featuring the late Stack Bundles. We put "pre food and liquor" as a disclaimer, because this Carrera Lu verse was basura! Four-Fifths and what not aside. This is Old music that is New therefore it gets the "New Music" tag.

Wale: The Mixtape About Nothing Download...

Wale's finally speaking about nothing to some degree. Ha! We love the irony and inspiration for this mixtape. The show this tape is based on is a favorite of one dude here and even the detailed tracklisting suggests that we'll enjoy relating the material to the script.

Art Vandelay!!!

Here is a two part break down.

Tracks 1-10 are Here

Tracks 11-19 are Here.

Enjoy. Dope? Yes, No? What do you guys think?

The Mixtape About Nothing Tracklisting:
01. “The Opening Title Sequence” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
02. “The Roots Song Wale Is On” f. Chrisette Michele (produced by ?uestlove & James Poyser)
03. “The Feature Heavy Song” f. Bun B, Pusha T and Tre from UCB (produced by Best Kept Secret)
04. “The Freestyle (Roc Boys)”
05. “The Perfect Plan” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
06. “The Kramer” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
07. “The Crazy” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
08. “The Vacation From Ourselves” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
09. “The Remake of A Remake (All I Need)” f. Tawiah (produced by Mark Ronson)
10. “The Grown Up” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
11. “The Manipulation” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
12. “The Artistic Integrity” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
13. “The Star”
14. “The Skit (Untz Untz)”
15. “The Cliche Lil Wayne Feature (It’s The Remix baby!)” (produced by Osinachi)
16. “The Bmore Club Slam” (produced by Scottie B)
17. “The Chicago Falcon Remix” f. The Budos Band (produced by Mark Ronson & Eli Escobar)
18. “The Hype” (produced by Best Kept Secret)
19. “The End Credits” (produced by Best Kept Secret)

***Bonus Track:

Wale & Lily Allen - Smile (Mark Ronson DC Remix)

***Bonus track courtesy of new friend JP's Blog! Check it out!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lil' Wayne Ft. Jay-Z - Mr. Carter...

Listen/Download Here. Lil' Wayne Ft. Jay-Z - Mr. Carter

Leak Leak...Jay killed it...damn. Damn...give it another listen? Maybe, yes.

Props to Eskay.

Cash Rules Everything Around You...

Alife is giving you the chance to get your carpal tunneled fingers on some fresh threads for the sunny weather. Go 'head kid.


Alife + The Rivington Club
158 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002
ALIFE: 212.375.8116
A.R.C.: 212.375.8128

Kidrobot Summer 2008 releases...

Heres a sneake peek of what's coming up for vinyl toy giant Kidrobot for the summer of '08. They'll be blessing us with goodies from various artist' across the globe. They've collaborated this time with REACH, Mad Barbarians and others to deliver some one of a kind fire. Dope!

Shop Here.

Kidrobot Online Store

Give Us Head...

...Or we'll cut it off.

A London street artist that people have dubbed simply the "Decapitator" has been hitting up a couple posters of upcoming movies and re-doing them with a decapitated makeover in lieu of the original advertisements.

The artist' latest victim is none other than slu..uh..protagonist 'Carrie' from the upcoming Sex In The City movie.

Pretty dope.

Leak Leak Leak Drip Drip Drip...

Welp, there you have it folks. The official retail version of Dwayne's much yapped about latest effort "The Carter 3" is here. Now it's just a matter of time until someone decides to spill the lean in the styrofoam cup...

NaS Likes MF DOOM...

An earlier interview that he conducted. Here he tells us who he admires in the game besides the heavy hitters and his interpretation of expectations for his upcoming effort Untitled...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wasalu Goes Gold....

The speech that Lupe gave about getting calls from fans whos lives have been changed should be one of a number of reasons that artists should realize their impact and be appreciative of the consumers and listeners that feed into their artistry.

We're not saying that there are a massive amount of reckless artists out there who don't pay attention to their content, however when we (fans) see an artist for their true worth, putting out quality material, we should try to develop an interest in fathoming both sides of the equation.

Inspiring. Congrats kid, well deserved.

Video: Kanye West - Flashing Lights...

The best version out of the three BY FAR!

It's unanimous, we love this version. We all agreed that this was the one that should have went up instead of the Rita G. version, however we're not arguing with the T&A treatment. Very Abstract!

View the previous post with the Second installment Here.

*** Thanks to Abstract Minds reader Alexei, the video was directed by Martin De Thurah who has lent his directing prowess to the likes of musicians such as royksopp who became notorious for their Geico Caveman commercial tune.

Here's the Royksopp Video featuring the same direction:

Dope as hell! Thanks for putting us on Alexei!

Busta Rhymes Blessed Album Cover...

Busta Rhymes Blessed Album cover.

Blessed, due out later this year.

Video: G-Unit - Rider Pt. 2...

We almost forgot about this song, nice timing by Curtis...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jay-Z Live Nation Interview...

The big homie talks about the Live Nation deal and his fanbase over seas.

Courtesy of OS.

Rick Ross Feat Pharrell - Get Down...

Listen/Download Here. Rick Ross Feat Pharrell - Get Down.

NaS Says He's Gonna Strap A Bomb On...

Link: Niggardly Nas

The URB NaS article is now online for all of your viewing pleasure. In it he speaks about the responsibility of bearing his cross and what he hopes that you will take away from his words in regards to his character. Heres a little excerpt:

"I’m definitely trying to have that responsibility but at the same time, this is my way of strapping up my bombs and committing a so-called terrorist act against an enemy that has been evil to my people, your people, whoever. This is all I can do. I’m not a wicked man; I can’t strap up a bomb and do that shit. But with my music, this is how I fight. It’s my therapy. So, let me be, let me say what I wanna say. That’s all I’m saying."

Link: Niggardly Nas

Well judging by the rate at which we saw NaS "Nigger" title get thrown out the window, it is safe to say that even Nasir himself has given up the fight with that one. Interesting read though, go peep it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flavor Of Buckeey - *Cough* Sex Tape *Cough*...

So in the minor ramblings of the internet, we came across a murmur of one of the famed Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School females coming out with a less than valedictorian film... We'll let you guys verify if she made the grade or not.

Oh, you have to search for yourselves.

The Carter III (Tres) Tracklist...

Here ya go:

1. 3 Peat [produced By Cool & Dre]

2. Mr. Carter (feat. Jay-z) [produced By Just Blaze]

3. A Milli [produced By Bangladesh]

4. Gotta Stunt [produced By The Runners]

5. Got Money (feat. T-pain) [produced By Play-n-skillz]

6. Dinnertime [produced By Deezle]

7. Comfortable (feat. Babyface) [produced By Kanye West]

8. Phone Home [produced By David Banner]

9. Dr. Carter [produced By Swizz Beatz]

10. Tie My Hands (feat. Robin Thicke) [produced By Kanye West]

11. Shoot Me Down [produced By Kanye West]

12. Playin' With Fire [produced By Streetrunner]

13. Lollipop (feat. Static Major) [produced By Jim Jonsin & Deezle]

14. La La (feat. Brisco & Busta Rhymes) [produced By David Banner]

15. Beat The Block [produced By Bangladesh]

16. Mrs. Officer (feat. Bobby Valentino) [produced By Wyclef Jean]

17. Nothin' On Me (feat. Juelz Santana & Fabolous) [produced By Alchemist]

18. Let The Beat Build [produced By Kanye West & Deezle]

19. Don't Get It [produced By]

20. Eat You Alive (feat. Ludacris) [produced By Just Blaze]

21. Staring At The World [produced By Maestro]

**. A Milli (young Money Remix) (feat. Tyga, Hurricane Chris, Lil' Mama, Cory Gunz & Lil' Chuckee)

There should be a leak soon, if the tracklist is floating around like this that is.

Props to the dude LowKey.

Video: Coldplay "Viva La Vida" Via iTunes Por Favor...

The Apple iTunes promotional spot for UK band Coldplay's latest effort Viva La Vida is now getting air play. In it you can see a Chris Martin that has grown his hair for the bands more 'serious' step in marketing direction.

Viva La Vida due in stores and iTunes June 17th.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Carter 3 Leaks...

Here are some leaks from Dwayne off of his upcoming effort The Carter 3. They're ridiculously short in length but we know you're curious.

Lil' Wayne - Let The Beat Build (Produced By Kanye West)

Lil' Wayne - Dr. Carter (Produced By Swizz Beatz)

Lil' Wayne - Mr. Carter Feat Jay-Z

Uhh... Can we even give this the "New Music" label? Have to check, be right back...

In the mean time enjoy.

Air Jordan VI... Are You Alive?...

[Pictured on the Left]

This weekend marked a milestone moment for Air Jordan collectors and Air Jordan purveyors alike, the re-release of the Air Jordan VI "Carmine" color way. This was an iconic release from Jordan Brand because the shoe hasn't seen the light of day since its initial release over a decade ago! Fans of the shoe were lined up by the masses to purchase and behold a shoe that will, almost certainly, never see the light of day again.

With that said..who wants to buy us a pair? ...Anyone?

The Air Jordan Collection Package retails for $310.00 and includes two shoe models, VI and XVII.

Purchase them Here.

Pharrell Wants You To Sit In His Sex...

Introducing the "Perspective Chair" designed by everyone's favorite N.E.R.D. According to Pharrell,

"I had often wondered what it's like to truly be in love, not lust for once.. So I decided not to ask what it was like in someone else's shoes or what it was like to sit in their seat.. I decided to sketch out my own experiment; the perspective chair."

The Perspective Chair will come in several colors with only four chairs per color being sold. Available around the 4th Q of this year.

Definitely Abstract...but it just seems sooo suspect ha! Even he can't sit in the chair for too long we bet.

Kobe Bryant + Nike Hyperdunk + Jackass + Snakes...

On the heels of the Aston Martin Jump, Kobe hangs out with the Jackass crew of MTV fame and attempts to put the new Nike Hyperdunk model to work. Awesome.

Wale: The Mixtape About Nothing...

Here is the official tracklist for Wale's upcoming Mixtape About Nothing. It drops on May 30th, check it out. Props to Wale for getting his shine and putting D.C emcees partially back on a very, very obscure Hip-Hop map.

Video: Flashing Lights...Secret Version?...

This is an "extra" version that was originally intended to make the final cut before we saw the glorious Miss Rita G in all of her thick, jiggly goodness. Supposedly there were three versions, the one we all got, this one and another "fairy tale-ish" version that has still yet to hit the net. Interesting to say the least. We'll keep you guys updated.

Be A Nigger Too Second Poster...

So apparently the visual allowing us to be informed that Rik Cordero is contributing to the new NaS project was a little too "out there" and needed a revision. Tick, tock...

The first version was better.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Video: Wale - W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E

NaS - "Be A Nigger Too" Poster...

Don't get us wrong, we're just as big of fans as the next group of bloggers...But,

We're starting to feel as if Nasir is using this controversial subject matter for the sheer fact of shock value and nothing more. Literally, like Nothing more. It breeds a certain type of anticipation where a good amount of skepticism is birthed and paralleled alongside of the original anticipation rather than it being supplemented solely by excitement and curiosity, do you guys follow?

With this newly employed gimmick we are witnessing will it be as easy for NaS to step away and say "This is what you've all been waiting for"? It seems to us that if anything, a portion of his past career material can culminate in this album to a head. The sheer fact that this day is finally upon us where Nasir doesn't tackle a random subject on just one song on an album but rather comes at it from the perspective of a cohesive album tip kind of puts his fanbase in an ultimatum position whereas if he doesn't do it now, is he capable of ever doing it? By "it" we mean not simply talking about "Niggerness" or "Niggerdom" for that matter, however actually taking the listener to somewhere new instead of re-hashing the old "using said subject matter as a blanket and dropping jewels here and there but at the end we're just left right where we started save some hot lines."

...maybe we've come to expect too much but, this is the stage you've set no?

Your thoughts?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me (Remix) Feat. Reek Da Villian, Spliff Star, Lil' Wayne, NaS, The Game, Big Daddy Kane...

Listen/Download Here. Busta Rhymes - Don't Touch Me (Remix) Feat. Reek Da Villian, Spliff Star, Lil' Wayne, NaS, The Game, Big Daddy Kane.

Everyyyybody went in on this one, think this was a first that The Game didn't name drop more than two people in a verse. Pretty good track. If you're like us then you're wondering how Busta got so many people to contribute to the remix...dope.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kanye West, Titties, Kanye West, Titties, Titties...

Kanye's performance at the G-Shock watch event this month.

"Yeah you bastards! Tell me I can't sit here all night and do my shiii."

Sources indicated that Mr. West performed most of his set from the seat shown in the video and seldom got up. He also forgot lines to his music, freestyling and improvising where he saw fit. Yeah you bastards! Tell him something.

Kanye IS Hip-Hop right now.

*Ahem, Titties.

Lil Kim - Respirator

Listen/Download Here. Lil Kim - Respirator

Here's a new record that recently hit the information highway from Kimberly Jones. This is the second joint that we've heard Kim use the vocoder on, we don't know if we like it like that now...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Update: N.I. Double G. E.R Music...

Listen/ Download Here. NaS - N.I.G.G.E.R (The Slave And The Master)

So the good folks over at All have stated that the upcoming release from Nasir will not be called NaS. It will however be an untitled work. SMFH!!! Stop toying around.

We think this is rediculously retarded. In the age of starting beefs to sell records and showing your ass to the paparazzi there are many ways to create a buzz for your project. We've just been exposed to another one, the good ol' bait and switch with a damn controversial album title...


Monday, May 19, 2008

No Nigger NaS, Just NaS The Nigger...

"A representative for Def Jam has confirmed to that hip-hop artist Nas has made an eleventh-hour decision to change the title of his new album from N—– to simply Nas."

What the EFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF? Come On Nasir?!

Well we guess that at the end of the long windy African-American day, Big Brother still has a say in maintaining the bottom line and status quo of what gets pushed and fed into the mainstream American market.

We kind of had a strong feeling that this wasn't going to go down like the Little homie Nasir wanted it to but we give him props for riding it out this long. Hopefully he hasn't fully given up and releases an unofficial Nigger Mixtape or something... Come On!

Here's a link to the EW. article.

Lupe Live @ S.O.B's...

"With a little bit of this and a little bit of that, that..." Dope.

Lupe performed a couple of his joints and swooped in to make some extra tour money at S.O.B's while the GITD Tour was in N.Y (The Best City In The World) this past week. Props to him as we hear that after the tour is wrapped, CRS (Him, Kanye and Pharrell) will be dropping non-stop madness and LupEnd will begin recording.

Interesting to say the least.

Baking Dope Rhymes...

The Cool Kids will be finally dropping their anticipated EP The Bake Sale tomorrow (Tuesday) on iTunes.

Here are a couple of leaks...

The Cool Kids - Jingling

The Cool Kids - What Up Man

The Bake Sale EP drops on iTunes May 20th.

We Be Fighting In The Street...

Here's a trailer of everybody's favorite childhood activity. Sitting in front of the T.V in the living room while your mom was cleaning the kitchen or some other part of the crib yelling for you to do something but you just had to see the end credits...

Are you ready?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh Nooooooes...

Words = None.

So...while you were getting dressed, Ms. Gray was straddling a chair in France, drunk.

Sources say that the singer who gave you "I Try" stumbled onto the stage 2 hours late to her performance and then gave a 3 song set which by then her celebrity companions had already exited the venue. Fans were optimistic in waiting around for her to start the show, but ended up being highly disappointed.

Womp womp.

There Can Only Be One Tee...

Here is a picture from clothing brand Undercrwn showcasing two of hip-hops elite. The shirt plays on the current NBA playoffs theme as shown with the split face portrayal and featured statement.

We hope this tee becomes available soon. Very dope garment in starting up debates on a subject that has no answer! Yeah, you heard us...

Video of the "There Can Only Be One Ad Campaign:

GITD Tour Footage...

Snatched from NR.

Friday, May 16, 2008

And Now...Your Moment Of Zen...


And Effect:

"Anybody wanna see Young Jeezy kill George Bush shawty?!"


Kanye Performs @ The G-Shock 10th Anniversary Shindig...

OK OK, we're not that late. Geez.

Props to NR for this one.

Carrera "Cool" Lu Interview With Angie Martinez...

Wasalu had an interview with Angie over on ol' Hot 97 while he was making the rounds from the GITD Tour this week.

Peep parts 1 and 2 Here.

Lupe Fiasco Interview on the Angie Martinez Show on Hot 97 Part 1

Lupe Fiasco Interview on the Angie Martinez Show on Hot 97 Part 2

Thursday, May 15, 2008

N*E*R*D Seeing Sounds Cover Art...

Official cover for N*e*r*d's Seeing Sounds Album. Interesting, we've seen a black version as well.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Video: N*E*R*D - Everyone Nose...

Tell us that you didn't see this here first!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Nasir Has An Interview W/ DJ Clue...

Part one. Props to OS.


Vimby Video: A Day With Teyana Taylor...

The Harlem up and coming artist takes us to the BBC/Ice Cream store and explains her single "Google Me" and tells us why she is a "Team President" and what she's about.

Cool, not too shabby.

So What's Going On With "America"...

Watch Them All:


Putting Obama Rally Clip In with Sex Offender Story:

Obama =/= Osama pt.2:

Compilation of Fox New's Smears Towards Obama:

They Think You're Stupid.
They Think You're Stupid.
They Think You're Stupid.
They Think You're Stupid.
They Think You're Stupid.
They Think You're Stupid.
They Think You're Stupid.
They Think You're Stupid.
They Think You're Stupid.
They Think You're Stupid.

Hey Sugey...You OK Sugey?...

By now you have all probably heard that Suge Knight caught the right fistery to his face region over the weekend.

Damnnnnn homie...In 9-5 you was the maaaaannnn homie.

So appropriate. Imagine the person taking the pictures was thinking, "I'm either fucked or about to be very cool."

Check out more in the TMZ gallery Here.

The New Blackberry, Bold & Beautiful...

You guys might remember that we showed you this phone as the Crack...uh, "Blackberry 9000" Here in a previous post. Well the good people at RIM (Research In Motion) have aptly renamed this device as the Blackberry Bold.

This little smartphone PDA gadget still offers the touch screen element to combat the now standard function and feature set by Apple's iPhone. Being the latest Blackberry release in about 2 years, it wouldn't make sense for it not to feature any of the following upgrades to its hardware such as HSPDA, Wifi, 625MHz CPU, 1GB internal flash memory and expandable storage up to 16 GB. Nice.

Can this be a solid iPhone killer? We'll all just have to wait and find out when we get our chance to touch it, no pun intended.

Don't Watch This...

Unless you REALLY LOVE you some fucking Curtis... Jeez...

Things That Glow In The Dark Daydream...

...Don't they?

Here is another clip of the goings on at the tour most of you couldn't attend. Lupe performs his song "Daydream" featuring vocals from Jill Scott at the Miami stop.

Watch it more for his performance, the audio is shitty. You know the song by now we're sure.

Clip Via Youtube

Styles P - What's The Problem...

Listen/Download Here. Styles P - What's The Problem.

New joint from The Ghost off of the official Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack. Track produced by the Evil Genius Green Lantern. Styles P came gully on this track. Too many quotables, we fucks with it.

What's the problem?

More N*E*R*D - Everyone Nose (Remix)...

Listen/Download Here. N*E*R*D - Everyone Nose (Remix) Feat. CRS & Pusha T(The Clipse)...

Hey Monday! How you doooing?

New Remix for you guys. This is the second track from CRS if we're not mistaken. CRS consists of Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell Williams and Kanye West. The acronym stands for "Child, Rebel and Soldier" and doesn't feature production exclusive to any respective artist' camp, i.e Kanye doesn't do all the beats.

This remix also features a sub par Pusha T verse, but we didn't have high expectations anyway.

This should conclude our N*E*R*D assualt on you guys! Lol.

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