Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NaS Says He's Gonna Strap A Bomb On...

Link: Niggardly Nas

The URB NaS article is now online for all of your viewing pleasure. In it he speaks about the responsibility of bearing his cross and what he hopes that you will take away from his words in regards to his character. Heres a little excerpt:

"I’m definitely trying to have that responsibility but at the same time, this is my way of strapping up my bombs and committing a so-called terrorist act against an enemy that has been evil to my people, your people, whoever. This is all I can do. I’m not a wicked man; I can’t strap up a bomb and do that shit. But with my music, this is how I fight. It’s my therapy. So, let me be, let me say what I wanna say. That’s all I’m saying."

Link: Niggardly Nas

Well judging by the rate at which we saw NaS "Nigger" title get thrown out the window, it is safe to say that even Nasir himself has given up the fight with that one. Interesting read though, go peep it.

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