Monday, May 12, 2008

The New Blackberry, Bold & Beautiful...

You guys might remember that we showed you this phone as the Crack...uh, "Blackberry 9000" Here in a previous post. Well the good people at RIM (Research In Motion) have aptly renamed this device as the Blackberry Bold.

This little smartphone PDA gadget still offers the touch screen element to combat the now standard function and feature set by Apple's iPhone. Being the latest Blackberry release in about 2 years, it wouldn't make sense for it not to feature any of the following upgrades to its hardware such as HSPDA, Wifi, 625MHz CPU, 1GB internal flash memory and expandable storage up to 16 GB. Nice.

Can this be a solid iPhone killer? We'll all just have to wait and find out when we get our chance to touch it, no pun intended.

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