Thursday, May 29, 2008

Video: Kanye West - Flashing Lights...

The best version out of the three BY FAR!

It's unanimous, we love this version. We all agreed that this was the one that should have went up instead of the Rita G. version, however we're not arguing with the T&A treatment. Very Abstract!

View the previous post with the Second installment Here.

*** Thanks to Abstract Minds reader Alexei, the video was directed by Martin De Thurah who has lent his directing prowess to the likes of musicians such as royksopp who became notorious for their Geico Caveman commercial tune.

Here's the Royksopp Video featuring the same direction:

Dope as hell! Thanks for putting us on Alexei!

1 comment:

Alexei said...

this video directed by martin de thurah, who have done royksopp's "what else is there". hundeminen

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