Monday, January 28, 2008

All We Want...Carmine VI&Blk XVII Pack

As many of you have heard by now, this year is supposedly the last year for the numbered Air Jordan model. If you haven't heard well let us briefly get you up to speed.

In the year 1984 Nike inc. sat down with a young man named Michael Jordan and discussed with him the possibility of him wearing a new line of footwear that they would dub "Air Jordans". However young Michael seemed very, very uninterested. "I can't wear those shoes" Michael said, "Those are Devil Colors!"

Fast forward over two DECADES and countless billions of dollars in revenue that these "Devil colored" shoes have earned Nike and the legend and legacy obviously speaks for itself.

Now after countless models, this year (2008) saw the birth of the most controversial model yet, the "23". The reason why this model is so special is because the number that Mr. Jordan wore during his spectacular run on the NBA's Chicago Bulls team was such. To commemorate this special achievement of successfully releasing 23 shoe models, Brand Jordan is re-releasing all the sneakers over the 20-some years in special shoe packs that will consist of two shoes each that numerically add up to the number 23 by the model numbers. Cool isn't it?

The first pack thus far that have been released are the XIII(13) and X(10) pack. A future pack slated for release is the XVII(17) and VI(6) pack. The shoes pictured here are the VI's(6's). They are in the "Carmine" colorway and have not been retroed since 1991! The other shoes in the pack, which are the XVII's(17's) are reported to be an all black colorway with nubuck material on the toe and heel areas. However the Carmines are definitely what will make this pack extremely popular seeing as how this may be the last time that you will ever be able to get your hands on them.

The XVII's:

There will be lines.

They will be long.

We will be there.


Bonus: Air Jordan X & XIII Package 1/19/08


Los330 said...

CRACK.... definitely time to "STACK THAT CHEESE" in anticipation of these..

Massive DB said...

NEED THOSE CARMINES!!.... The XVII's not so much.

::sigh:: But I'll be online nonetheless.

hnics85 said...

Word to Ice La Fox x Luscious Lopez!

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