Monday, January 21, 2008

Introducing: Jay Electronica

“Too many people are touted as ‘a problem,’ or ‘coming to change the game’ in hip-hop, only to wind up as a footnote in the musical landscape. Jay Electronica is different. Maybe that’s the best way to describe him, different. A year ago there weren’t many people who would recognize the name Jay Electronica, but in the last 12 months, the mysterious New Orleans native has created a surprising, internet-based buzz, while still remaining mostly an enigma. From the 20 + tracks of his that infiltrated the net there are collaborations with Guilty Simpson and Mr. Porter, beats by the underrated Nottz as well as the legendary J Dilla (RIP). Yet even with such an impressive roster of collaborators, Jay shines undauntedly…” excerpt from an upcoming article in SHOOK, a hip hop magazine from the UK.

After listening to Jay Electronica's work, we can only say wow. We haven't heard devout and unfiltered lyricism like this since a young Mos Def. Backed by Erykah Badu, Just Blaze and countless others Jay Electronica plans to become a stand alone voice in Hip-Hop music. With a slew of obscure and abstract references in his lyrics he is definately worth a listen...or several.

Check out this IN DEPTH article on Jay's music and lifestyle, as well as what some of his supporters in the industry had to say about the multi-talented Emcee. It was a really great read.

An incomplete track that has been floating around the internet: Here

2008 is looking more and more musically interesting by the minute!

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