Monday, November 21, 2011

Video: L.A. VanGogh- Shayna Drew Me...

Listen/ Download Here. LA VanGogh- Shayna Drew Me

Ok, here's something totally new...

L.A. VanGogh is an artist from the south suburbs of Chicago, signed to an independent label named JDR Sounds. He recently released his first music video for a newly released song called "Shayna Drew Me."

We enjoyed the clean aesthetic of the video, as is the case with most videos in this day and age being shot with digital SLR's, in addition to the chilled out vibe we got while going on a musical journey hearing thoughts from a man who recollects formulating them on the day when a young woman decided to capture his visage.

All in all the song is pretty good, it reminds us of a time in hip-hop when there were still long album cuts and B-Sides. We see bright things for this young upstart if he delivers consistently in his lane.

What are your thoughts?

Reach out to L.A. VanGogh and let him know what you think. Or simply follow his Twitter page and stay in the loop as he gets drawn some more.

Twitter: @VanGogh_said

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