Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reader Response: Remember to Subscribe, Subscribe, SUBSCRIBE!!!

Hey, guys how are you doing?

We know you're there and we know that you love what we post from time to time and we appreciate it!!

However we're taking this small intermission to remind you that you can also get updated via mobile and E-mail access by way of our partners at FeedBurner (Twitter: @FeedBurner)!!

Isn't that cool? Also what makes it even cooler is that there are special giveaways and contests that we'll be rolling out to you guys and gals the more that you take the 3 seconds out of your busy day to put your E-mails in that little box down there at the bottom, right corner of your web browsers!!

Yup, yup. It's all for you, so get in on the action!

Once again, this is what it looks like:

Show it some love by feeding it your E-mail address!!!


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