Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gear: Shortypop, The Sh*t Just Hit The Fan Frog...

Brand Shortypop is at it once again with their clever guerilla tactics in defining the aesthetic when it comes to smartening you up to what you perceive as "Dope".

Here the folks at Shortypop give us the missing link, so to speak, regarding the other half of the Supreme x Kermit The Frog collaboration of the previous decade.

Together at last

There's not much we can say to sum up their latest effort that isn't short of genius! We definitely peep game and you should too.

For the full effect check out their online shop and turn your speakers up for a brief exchange of words between Kermit himself and...Cam'ron.


Visit Shortypop.com for more and to purchase this limited run.

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