Saturday, April 17, 2010

Video: GTDS Presents "Sunday At The Dojo"...

" While out in N.Y. for my mans Hi-Jynx “Doubt” video shoot, I was entered into a Ski Beatz sponsored Beat Battle at the last minute (Shouts to Tony Billz), while I can’t release that footage, I got a dope cosign and put together some quick shots of some of the music (from 24 Hour Karate School) and people at DD172 and The Dojo.

I’ll up Part 2 with the footage from the Hi-Jynx video shoot a little later.

One of our affiliate sites posts footage of his travels to NYC from CT to compete in a beat battle sponsored by veteran producer Ski Beatz. While he doesnt give away too much (We guess he's saving it for the anticipated Part Two) he does provide some clever editing in the process.


Via GiveTheDrummaSome

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