Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kid CuDi Speaks On His Complex Accomplishments...

*Bonus behind the scenes footage below.

For the August/September release of Complex Magazine. CuDi is really getting a push and with just due. With features on Jay's album and being Kanye's muse of sorts, CuDi will somehow prove that he has the staying power that many says he lacks.

Here's an excerpt from DP of ThatNewCudi:

" As I mentioned previously I had some time to interview Cudi while in Seattle, here’s the 2nd half of that interview. Last week I posted a bit of our interview in which he discusses his fans, so make sure to watch that if you haven’t yet.

The second thing we talked about was his Complex Magazine cover and interview. I asked him to explain why he was so honest for the article and what it meant to him grace the cover of Complex. By now many of you have read this article and seen the cover so this will give you a look into how it all went down.

“I looked at this as my first opportunity to reach the masses threw an interview. So if I’m going to say something important this was my time, anything I can’t say in records I should be able to say right now”

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