Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oh You Hate Harlem??? Pt. 2...

We, being New York residents must always acknowledge the roots of our city. For those who are not natives of this wonderful place it may serve as a shocker to you that we actually have come from a very dark, disturbing period which many rather forget. Many children were birthed from a time where it wasn't fairly easy to grab a skateboard and stroll down 14th street while blasting Lupe's newest single.

In a multiple part series we will pass these visuals on to you.

Learn, New York.

*The continuation. Here is the second installment of the previous post you can find Here.

*Previous Post: Oh You Hate Harlem??? Pt. 1...

The children of an area can tell of the hardship, or lack thereof, of an environment. The children of generations past and generations to come may or may not symbolize a significant social struggle, but will more than likely reflect the technological prowess or scrutiny of the world.

The children...

" The blacks' own view of Harlem is directly opposite the white liberal one since they cannot see only the dismal in the ghetto without going insane. "

" They (Opressors who the photographer deems the 'White Upper Class') will look at the flourishing culture thriving in the midst of the oppression, be heartened by the fact that the
majority of Harlem's population are surviving - see the many roses that manage to grow up in this jungle.

It is obvious to us, and should be to you, that the social progress we make in this city is a task within itself.

It is simply because New York has grown. Out of its childhood.

Stay tuned for the final posts of this series.

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