Thursday, July 30, 2009

Video: Amber Rose x Nicki Minaj Just Look Goood...

Amber Rose is definitely making her rounds through Kanye's limelight. With due cause too.

Via MTV:

" Shorty’s kinda crazy, but it turns him on. Kanye West said it, not us, in the song that’s becoming a video staring his girlfriend, Amber Rose.

“I have Kanye’s ‘Robocop’ video,” Rose told MTV News Monday night in Scranton, Pennsylvania, during the launch of the America’s Most Wanted Music Festival. “I’m playing a robot through the whole video. Ninety-five percent of the video is just me.”

Rose, who has appeared in such videos as Ludacris’ “What Them Girls Like,” said the rise of her profile over the past few months has been a welcome surprise.

“I have Complex mag, Elle magazine, Persona magazine — I have the cover to the back, the whole issue is dedicated to me,” she said of her upcoming publicity appearances. “I’m excited about that.

“I definitely welcome it,” she added. “I appreciate all my fans. I definitely never expected it. I don’t wanna say I never wanted it. But … I just know a lot of girls, they go to modeling agencies every single day. That’s their life. A lot of stuff … just landed in my lap. I thank God for that; it’s really a blessing. I thank God for that — and Kanye, of course. Kanye definitely gave me the fast track to the top.”

Rose was in Scranton to support her girl Nick Minaj. The two first met on Twitter, then face to face on the set of Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” video, which Kanye directed.

“She’s a dope girl,” Minaj said of Amber. “You can tell she’s dope. I’m all about girls that are spearheading a movement. She’s doing her own thing in her own lane. The world has yet to see what she’s going to accomplish. Be on the lookout for that.”

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Anonymous said...

Damn, Kanye is the best thing that happened to this chick.

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