Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Video: Maxwell - Pretty Wings...

Sorry but we must have forgot this in the shuffle of the Hip-Hop mania that goes on around these innanets. Maxwell has always been a very official artist that took a brief hiatus to regain himself and composure. With his re-emergence sporting a new do and to much fanfare he gives the ladies "Pretty Wings" which is his first official single/video from BLACKsummers'night. The first installment from the Trilogy available everywhere 07.07.09. Go support when this drops.

Too dope.


VerbFashion said...


i fell in love with this song as soon as i heard it. maxwell has successfully done it again.


Kitty Bradshaw said...

This is my favorite masturbation song! Someone sent me a "free" copy last week of the album... I can't wait to listen, loll.

The Delve said...

^Oh man! Kitty with the honesty!

That's why we love you. Hope all is well since we last spoke.


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