Friday, June 26, 2009

You Rocked Our World...

Click Here as if you didn't already know we couldn't sound like the Associated Press.

Honestly though:

Icon status can seriously only be obtained when your demeanor can bring nations to joy partaking in your art/livelihood. This was the effect that Jackson had on many if not all of his fans who grew with him out of the 80's where he reigned supreme. It's surreal, the fact that we were mere toddlers who came into knowing his work and seeing the effect that it had on people only when they showed specials on television. This notion cannot stand shoulder to shoulder with the excitement that must have been ever so present when, what would equal today's blogger buzz and music sleuth specialists, the few who were "up on" Jackson back in the day caught all his gigs and performances before they were monumental.

To say that we are left stunned is an understatement, this was truely a tragic loss for the music community.

Where were you, when Michael Jackson was pronounced dead?

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