Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mos Def Zune Insider Interview...

The Mighty Mos, Pretty Flaco, The Black Dante sits down with Ceasar from the Zune Insider and talks the good talk. Touches on his role in Cadillac Records and his upcoming project The Ecstatic

Mos is getting back to his lyrical roots especially after we caught up with him at Carnegie Hall last year for his performance with Gil-Scott Heron.

* Bonus *

Listen/ Download Here. Mos Def - Brooklyn We Go Hard (Live At The Highline Ballroom)

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Magnus said...

This guy is talking to Mos like he's the new kid on the block when he's really the best rapper of all time. Stupid.
Really looking forward to this MOSxOHNO/MADLIB ish thoug, like, REALLY looking forward to that.

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