Monday, July 28, 2008

Hi-Jynx - Smells Like Money Cover + Tracklist...


1. Thesis
2. Candy
3. Pick Pocket
4.Smells Like Money
5. Pursuit
6. Gnat (Ft. Young Deon)
7. Money's Not Enough
8. Broken Heart (Ft. Sasha)
9. Kryptonite
10. Castle of Love (Ft. Sasha)
11. Refund
12. Money Love


Previous post with brief synopsis and "Kryptonite" Here.

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arcieri keness said...

Smells Like Money (Album break down)
-By Arcieri Keness

1. Thesis - I loved the way this song started out w/o any bass. Then the bass came in
and I was kind of let down, it didn't ruin the song though. I just loved how smooth it
was... SADE. [sigh]

2. Candy - I think this is a song for the club. This is a song I was so-so about
because it didn't care for the hook much. The content was nice though.

3. Pick Pocket - This song was beautifully put together from the beat to the delivery

4. Smells like Money - I could really ride to this, it took me back a few years w/ the vibe

5. Pursuit - LOVE... need I say more?

6. Gnat - It's funny, because I was going to use that beat on my mixtape but skipped it.
MF DOOM should love us. lol Nice usage though.

7. Money's not enough - You damn sure did KILL 'em... James Bond that is. Heh

8. Broken Heart - This was okay to me, but it wasn't a fave. I like a few things you had
to say, but I don't think you needed the girl on the track at all, nah.

9. Kryptonite - Kept is interest thoughout the song. "Mami got me turned on like a television."

10. Castle of Love - My fave sooooooooooong on the whole album. OMGOSH!! Someone freaked
that Sting sample too

11. Refund - You came off very nice on this one too, it was really laid back. Yet the hook
again, I didn't care for.

12. Money LOve - This is another one of my fave songs, it's really smooth. You murdered the
song, I even started spitting to it myself. haha

jbiz said...

diggin it cuz

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