Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hi-Jynx - Kryptonite...

Listen/Download Here. Hi-Jynx - Kryptonite (Prod. by JFace).

Get Familiar.

Smells Like Money brief synopsis:

"Smells Like Money is a cumulative musical effort regarding the relationship of two of the worlds oldest progressive forces, Currency and the emotion Love. Smells Like Money eloquently details the journey of said emotion on a quest to find its place as well as happiness.

The title of this mixtape was chosen because it expresses the yearning for all that is desired transferred via aroma. The aroma of money is distinct, unique and compels individuals to obtain it.

Money can be percieved as being fleeting and oblivious to emotion.

Where as Love can display characteristics of being pensive and masochistic.

This mixtape is a Lyrical Case Study observing the interaction between these two forces.

We present to you the first case subject: Love.


Check out the myspace, peep the Movement.

Hi-Jynx Myspace

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arcieri keness said...

Killin' 'em... aren't cha!!

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