Monday, April 28, 2008

N.Y.C x Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival Info...

"Hey for all of you who are up on the Japanese scene and are aware of its influences on American culture and our definite impact on their society such as movies, music, food and especially dope gear, well maybe its time to stop reading through Bape catalogs and random Japanese street wear magazines and sample some of the culture for yourself." -EvilSkwerlz

Journey to the Botanical Gardens next weekend for the City of New York's annual Cherry Blossom Festival: Hanami, for a taste of tradtional Japanese food, music and more! check the Botanical Gardens homepage for further details.

"Hanami" @ the Botanical Gardens Ends May 11th.

More info on Hanami Here.

Shouts to reader "EvilSkwerlz" for the exclusive heads up!

He says: "I'll be there this sunday so look out for the asian dude with the "DO WORK" T-Shirt and say what's up. Bring me a Beer!"


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