Friday, March 14, 2008

Oatmeal Prodigy: Money Is A Weapon Video...

Prodigy's new video courtesy of Jordan Tower, shot out in Queens. For an explanation on why he holds the "Oatmeal" title check Here.

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Anonymous said...

Who is prodigy to judge joe budden? Jumpoff will slaaaaaaay prodigy! What was the last nite prodigy put out a hit record to be talking shit. This nigga said..."what the fuck is mood musik, I make murda musik!" wat the fuck? Last I heard of P he was saying "I got hong kong money" and we all know that aint true. Broke ass nigga. Saiyon don't murked his ass now he wanna get some shine. Since shook ones he aint got no shine without 50 being in the same picture. Bum ass nigga. If joe budden comes out with a diss record prodigy will be out of a job.

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