Friday, March 14, 2008

Breath Of Fresh "Air"...

So we all know that any Air Jordan head has at least one pair of AJ 1's. This year will mark a new level of shallowness for pockets and bank accounts alike as Jordan Brand will be cooking up some cool colorways for the famed "shoe that changed the game's" model.

This Air Jordan 1's colorway is inspired by the U.S. Air Force and features a stitched Air Force insignia on the lower heel area. The leather on these shoes are pebbled which always makes for comfortable breaking in with minimal creasing. The release date for these are 5/24/2008 and retail for a cool $100. Nice, if they stay that price coupled with an employee discount then it's definitely a pick up.

Pics courtesy of Air-Randy Via That Sneaker Forum.

1 comment:

LaFemme said...

Too bad I don't wear Jordans. Those kicks are cute

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