Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rita G. Defends 'Ye's Flashing Lights...

Model Rita G spoke with MTV about why people shouldn't rely on the mother goose to chew their food. Vh1 via'd the story:

"It's so funny, this video will go over a lot of people's heads — and it's supposed to. I think it's great that it does. Because Kanye is just on another level; he's ahead of his time, in a sense. All the third-graders who come home from school and want to watch videos and snap their fingers and all that, they're probably gonna think, 'That video is wack, but that chick got a fat ass.' And that's fine. But people in higher positions, they're gonna see something different. They're gonna get it, people who are thinkers..."


Read the rest of the article over at Here.

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