Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fred de Garilhe's Chanel Choco Phone...

We told you that 2008 would be the year of heavy collaborations, and we weren't lying.

Introducing the Chanel 'Choco' phone. This phone is designed by french designer Fred de Garilhe. At first glance the phone looks like a cool tic-tac-toe board but then it opens up in its activated state to reveal a screen hidden by the block facade. It works by integrating an optical fiber system that displays images between two glass panels. There are 12 micro lighter fibers, that throw image components to the glass. All lights only appear when you open the phone, by pushing removable part on it's side.

Very Abstract Minded. Although this is only a concept prototype, this phone may very well be underway in it's production stages in the coming year. Be on the look out.

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