Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Demographic Traffic? Jay-Z x Steve Stoute Advertising Company...

We recieved a comment that read as follows regarding This Post:

" Alright now I'm sure this new business venture is going to be extremely lucrative. The only question I have is; how is Hov going to cater to a demographic that he is no longer a part of? I'm speaking of young African Americans. Is there some kind of focus group or something? Shit, I'll sign up."

First and foremost, Thank You to the many readers of this blog. We are always curious and open to see what opinions and views you have and share on the topics posted.

In this case the venture of Jay-Z and Steve Stoute starting up an advertising company to reach a demographic that may not associate themselves either with the image of the celebrity endorser or said celeb's product is a bold move. However like any marketing strategy it is in the best interest of the venture to get the "front runner", so to speak, of the target demographic to be a figurehead in the visual department. Even if Jay flops on his next effort and emerges with little to no critical acclaim, he still has the fact that he is arguably Hip-Hop's prime personification of a "Hustler's Poster Child" and is an essential element in tapping into the urban market. With that said, we can only wait to see the fruits of this venture's labor.

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