Thursday, February 16, 2012

Video: Noah Caine - "The Genesis, The Beginning"...

Via Hip-Hop site Ashley Outrageous:

" Queens is definitely still in the building with evidence of that being Noah Caine. In case you haven’t been following his releases, he remains 3 for 3 on the buildup to his upcoming project Noah Caine: The Pre-Season, which is set to release later this month. The above is a trailer for the tape, and below is a statement from Noah. This tape is going to be crack, you read that here first.

'We are all Rookies.
We hope to make it from the streets to the boardrooms, or the bright lights, cheers and admiration of the millions upon millions of people worldwide. You have to start somewhere. You have to have a genesis. From the ground up, until the crown’s up. Are you ready?'

Looks very, very promising!

Check out "Noah Caine: The Pre-Season" when it drops later this month.

Follow Noah Caine on Twitter: @NoahCaine

Via Ashley Outrageous

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