Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Untapped: Noah Caine Sets The Record Straight (Again)...

While browsing the benevolence that is the interwebz we came across an interview that featured Queens, New York artist Noah Caine blessed a Hip-Hop blogger with:

"Q. What's your name and where do you reside?

A. Noah Caine, The Southside, Jamaica Queens. New York City.

Q. How long have you been making music?

A. Seems like all my life. I've been rapping since I was about 10,
yeah 5th grade. Recorded music though, for a little over 5 years now.

Q. What/who inspired you to make music?

A. My Uncles. Growing up they would always have the Hip-Hop on blast in my house. I saw that they would bug out reciting the lyrics and shit. It was dope because I remember those times that my whole family was together and everything was cool. Shortly after that I started writing my own rhymes. That feeling of unity and fun that it brought to my family, that's what keeps my drive hungry.

Q. Who are some of your favorite MC's and producers that you've idolized while growing up, if any?

A. The MC's who I can give credit to for sparking the lyrical hunger
and discipline in my style are Nas, The Notorious B.I.G and Mos Def.
Growing up listening to those cats really gave me an idea of what it
is that you need to strive for as an MC. They always connected their
listeners with the subject matter and, in my opinion, are some of the
best storytellers of Hip-Hop.

As far as producers, I always had a ear for the production of J Dilla, Ski Beatz and DJ Premier. Looking back, around the time when I started rapping those were the dudes that I heard a lot of. Those sounds were the tastes of my Uncles, so naturally those types of producers are who I heard the most.

Q. Explain the origin of your former name (Hi-Jynx).

A. That name was brainstormed back in my highschool days. Me and a couple cats that I was rapping with said that the cyphers always got a little wild after I jumped in. We was looking for a name to describe that and that's what I chose.

Q. You're formerly known as Hi-Jynx. Now, you go by Noah Caine. What made you move on from Hi-Jynx to Noah Caine?

A. "Hi-Jynx" was actually more of a nickname to describe the atmosphere when I started rhyming in front of crowds. I wanted to incorporate more of me as a person into the music I put out. So I chose something more personal, more my name.

Q. You've contributed material on both of the NT Secret Society tapes and released 2 solo projects titled Music Monday and Your Love: Smells Like Money, as well. Explain the process you've went through working on your 2 solo projects.

A. Ah man, my processes are a little wild. I'm really into detail and
structure. The thought process behind "Music Monday" was simply to
exhibit a few of my talents on the mic and show a variety of styles
and sounds that I'm capable of. Building off that, I'd determine my
next project.

The feedback from "Music Monday" was crazy. People wanted to hear more full length records and concepts within a theme so I decided that's just what I'd do. That's when "Your Love: Smells Like Money" started getting materialized.

The process behind "Your Love: Smells Like Money" was issues in everyday life attributed to pursuits of Money and Love. Those two things are things that everyone experiences throughout their lives countless times and hope to attain the perfect amount of. Whether it be becoming really rich, or finding the perfect soulmate for the rest of their life. "YL:SLM" is something that people are going to relate to for a while.

Q. What's your main goal(s) that you've set to accomplish with your music?

A. My main goals are to spread my work as far as I can. I'm creating
a discussion with every project that I'm putting out and I see the
discussions happening in real time. That's the biggest pay off, when
people can come together because of the perspective that you put on
certain elements of their everyday life.

And after all, that unity is what made me want to start rapping since
I was a little kid in that tiny New York apartment all them years ago.


Pretty sweet, simple, and straight to the point. Pretty much a walk in the park of the inquiring mind. Needless to say things are shaping up for Noah as he prepares himself for what's to come this year.

We're staying tuned, as we have before.

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