Friday, May 21, 2010

Video: Kalae All Day - O.G.LYRIKALBOOKBAGGER f/Homeboy Sandman...

Here's the latest offering from the prolific, multi-talented Femcee Kalae...and it's in the form of a video!!!

Don't forget to pick up her recently released effort
Afromatikneohippierocksolemusic on her Bandcamp profile.

Watch Kalae do her thing and show you why she's a true O.G.

Catch up with Kalae while she tweets on the go!


New Music: Drake - 9 A.M. In Dallas (Freestyle)...

Listen/Download Here. Drake - 9 A.M. In Dallas (Freestyle)

Bonus Lyrics:

yeah uh yeah
these are my one St Thomas flows
me and my niggas and some madonna hoes
that look just like virgins but trust they down to go
discussin’ life and all our common goals
smart kids that smoke weed, honor roll
look how the champagne diamonds flow
fine dining, pour another another glass when the wine is low

I’m in the crib stackin’ money from here to the ceiling
whatever it is I got is clearly appealing
These other rappers gettin’ at it very you feeling
I hope you feel it in your soul spiritual healing
take a look at yourself the mirror’s revealing
if you ain’t got it you ain’t got it the theory is brilliant

People ask how music is goin’ I heard it pays
I just came off makin 2 million in 30 days
damn I guess it does what the message was
sometimes I feel I be spending my money just because
but weezy im just out here repping us
till I get to shake the hand of the man that’s blessing us

yeah, I know these niggas miss the mean lyrics
Kush got the room smelling like teen spirit
I asked kindly if no one out here would bring there feet up
until I lose for now I’m the game’s single leader
I fly private so no one tells me to bring my seat up
and book a suite when me and your favorite singer meet up

who you like, tell me who it is
imma make sure that that woman is the next one on my list
I should call it a night but fuck it i can’t resist
this one is for all my niggas from my city trying to diss
without a response from me you really fail to exist
and I love to see you fail that feeling there is the shit
I swear, ah pussy nigga get your bread up
enjoy the seat that the steward just forced your ass to let up
why your scary ass looking down pick your head up
no one told you your disguise is the most ridiculous getup
with nose plugs in now I can smell a setup
so you’re just wasting your time you’re just only making me better

yeah I try to tell them don’t judge me because you heard stuff
chase N cash that’s my brother from the surf club
damn that nigga always kept it so hood
back when we would smoke good
at the oakwoods
and have girls fall through like coins in a couch
now we just fuckin all the bitches they warned us about
scared for the first time everything has clicked
what if I don’t really do the numbers they predict
considering the fact that I’m the one that they just picked
to write a chapter in history this shit has got me sick
but if I really do it don’t expect to get a split
cause this truly is some shit I don’t expect you all to get

I’m nervous but I’m about to kill it cause they about to let the realist team in
throwing up in a huddle nigga Willie beamin
we’re still throwing touchdown passes
and tore his frame glasses
hopin that someone catch it
people say that old drake we started to miss it
but they need to be a little more specific man is this what y’all want?

and my best chris tucker impression
ducking your questions
fuck your suggestions
money gets all of my love and affection
cars all black like the cover of essence
I’m allergic to comin in second
but I never sneeze
nigga YMOE nigga yeah

uh, yeah, this what y’all want
Octobers Very Own
Young Money
Thank me later in this bitch wassup
Free Weezy in this bitch wassup
June 15th in this bitch wasup

New Music: The Boy Illinois - I Quit...

Listen/Download Here. The Boy Illinois - I Quit

Mixtape: ILUVLOLA.NET Introduces "TapeFiles" Mini-Mixtape Series...

Download "Tape Files" Here

Since its inception in early 2009, has continued to grow among the online audience. Focusing on branding and marketing new and popular material, the content posted on the website covers areas of music, lifestyle, fashion and entertainment. With 9 bloggers in Canada, US, and Europe, iluvlola is constantly expanding its team and its content.

TapeFiles is a series of mini online mixtapes that will be releasing often to brand DJ's and artists in different genres of entertainment. The idea behind this series is to introduce new and established DJ's to different audiences internationally. The music featured on these tapes will vary based on the location and the type of DJ and could feature anything from Hip-Hop/R&B to Pop, Dance, House, Electro, Punk and whatever else they are playing/feeling at the time. The first TapeFiles features female Canadian DJ and innovator Lissa 'Monét.

Since stepping into the spotlight, Lissa 'Monét has captivated trendsetters, celebrities, tastemakers and has provided up and coming artists with an avenue to get their music heard. DJ Lissa 'Monét’s insanely popular online mini mixtapes have kept thousands of her loyal online followers happy, and the buzz is building worldwide. Being that she was the first to jumpstart the series, Lissa’s eclectic music taste is well evident in the records chosen. Some of the artists featured in this first TapeFiles edition include Drake, Jared Evan, Belly, P Reign, Thedophilus London, Dirty Money, Dom Kennedy and more.


001. Drake - Find Your Love
002. Monica Blaire - Material Girl
003. Nicole Wray - Listen To Your Heart
004. PG f. Kyuana - Lady
005. BIg Boi - Shutterbugg
006. Dom Kennedy - Choose Up
007. P Reign - In The Hood
008. Nikkie Santoro - Nikkie
009. Belly f. P Reign - Let The Rain Fall
010. Colin Munroe f. Kidz In The Hall - Takin Over The World
011. Jared Evan - Look At Me The Same
012. Theophilus London - Life Of A Lover
013. Asia Bryant - I Cant Help It
014. Ray Robinson - For One Night
015. Dirty Money - Hello, Good Morning
016. Verse Simmons - Buy You A Round

Download "Tape Files" Here

Video: Ski Beatz Presents: FL!P Th!s...


It seems that apparently Ski Beatz will give two lucky up and coming production specialists the chance to shine to the world by flipping a sample of his choosing.

The show will then hopefully go on to explain in more details the prize, as well as, any other scenarios the minds at the happiest place on earth, DD172 AKA "The Dojo", can come up with.

This is REALLY great idea, considering this may be the very same way a young Kanye West got his first shot at a humble record label so many years ago.

Check back for the full episode whe it airs on

Via CreativeControl.Tv

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Video: Rosa Acosta Bares Her TITS...

Rosa Acosta for T.I.T.S Clothing.

What more can we say? Brought to you by the good people of 4:00 a.m. and Estevan Oriol.


" About TITS – TITS Brand (Two in the Shirt) was created and launched by Marek Grubel in August 2006. Based in Seattle, WA, Two In The Shirt is a company with a focus on bringing tastefully provocative clothing to the forefront of fashion. The name 'Two In the Shirt' is derived from the acronym T.I.T.S., which is quite fitting considering the nature of the clothing itself. T.I.T.S. merchandise consists of men and women's apparel that showcases classy prints of nude or nearly nude women. "Like a training bra, support T.I.T.S." "

Mixtape: JFace - The Genius Vol 1 (Tracklist + DL Link)...


1. Now-A-Days
2. The Uncanny X-Man
3. Put It In The Air (Feat. Hi-Jynx)
4. Can I
5. Weirdos
6. Beat Goes On
7. Listen
8. Looks Could Kill
9. Ambition
10. The People
11. Some Days

Download: JFace Presents The Genius

Misc: Ahh...Push It...

Dope. While surfing the "Net of all Nets", we came across artist Baptiste Debombourg.

Definitely Abstract.

Events: Party Here, But Don't Touch Our Stuff...

The FADER Presents

ONE STEP BEYOND at the American Museum of Natural History

Friday, May 14, 2010

Passion Pit (DJ Set)
Activaire DJ's
9 pm - 1 am

$25 - Price includes a free return visit to the Museum.

Buy tickets in advance at

The Rose Center for Earth and Space
Enter on 79th Street at Central Park West
Must be 21. ID Required

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