Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Music: Cashtro Crosby - Exhibit A (Open Letter To NYC)...

Listen/ Download Here. Cashtro Crosby - Exhibit A (Open Letter To NYC)

Coming up, in addition to what you've been brainwa... er, conditio...ummm..accustomed to liking we've mixed it up with a bit of audio that you may or may not have heard before.

Cynical, we know.

Direct from the artist:

" Starting The Year Of Right!!!

With My Birthday coming up at the end of January (I'll Be Legal Like a regal lol), I've been doing alot of thinking about life, Music, & where it's going for a while now... The Exhibit A (Open Letter To NYC) is something Like All My emotions since I been Back N Forth From Pittsburgh, New York City,(Bronx to be exact) & Canada...

Shouts To Jay Electronica & Mickey Factz definitely made me take some time off working on The Tape To vent

If you don't take anything from it musically just know that all of the words in this piece have either happened or is going to (trust Me folks) , & This isn't even Crosbyfication... Crosbyfication will be the Best work of music for any one who's competing. If you enjoy art... Imma Gain some fans.... word.

-Cashtro Crosby

Cashtro's Crosbyfication release date is still pending.

Catch up with Cashtro Here:

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