Monday, December 7, 2009

Video: Triple B x Captivate Them Studios Presents | Pre-CrosbyFication Ep. 1 "The Web Series"...

" Triple B & Captivate Them Studios Present to The World... Pre-CrosbyFication - Episode 1 The "Web Series"...

Following the In depth rise Of Triple B's own Cashtro Crosby & DJ Mes while putting together one of the years most promising Mixtapes For years To Come. In The first episode he reveals the name of the next mixtape Installment , "CrosbyFication" A Journey Of Original & Freestyle Body of work playing of the concept of the Show Time Series "Californication" & The Main Character "Hank Moody".

Now, his goals & hands set out to touch his Hometown Of Pittsburgh, The DMV Area , New York City, Ottawa & etc. It has Told That he has " Left New York City to finish His Projects" ... Please Stay Tuned Folks, Because This will Be a Web Series you will not Miss!!

This looks to be a promising example of what you artists can do to elevate your reach out to your audience. Cashtro is quickly becoming a sight to see. For a quick reason why, follow his quirky yet tasteful outbursts on Twitter here, @Cashtro

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