Monday, May 18, 2009

T.I.Writes Rhymes, But Couldn't Fathom A Sentence...

Judge: Mr. Harris, now, you don't have to tell me what you really know..just say it out loud and i'll hear it by accident. Tell me, your thoughts..

T.I: Hmm...makes perfect sense if you feel what I'm thinking when I say it.

Judge: What?

T.I: I ain't serving no time.

Judge: Gotcha.

T.I.: OK, let's begin.

Now we KNOW that's no where close to what happened in the chambers of the proceeding Judge for the trail, however something in that courtroom was agreed upon by the prosecuting and defending attornies that made some God damned sense.

Regardless if dude snitched or not, when reading things like this makes us all the more skeptical.

Farewell Clifford:

Here is some "secret" footage of the party in T.I.'s honor as he was being shuffled away.

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