Friday, May 1, 2009

There You Have It Folks, The Numbers Are In...

Numbers do not lie..

On April 7th Jadakiss dropped "The Last Kiss" which debuted at Number 3 on the Top 200 Billboard charts with 135,000 records sold.

2 weeks later, on April 21 Rick Ross dropped "Deeper Than Rap," which debuted at Number 1 on the Top 200 Billboard charts with 158,000 records sold.

Both artists debuted with good numbers but let's take a look at the breakdown of services offered to each artist:

Rick Ross Video Budgets: $600,000
- Mafia Music
- Magnificent
- All I Want

Jadakiss Video Budgets: $350,000
- By My Side
- Can't Stop Me
- Who Run This


Rick Ross Promo Tour:$300,000
-3 month run w/ 8-member entourage

Jadakiss Promo Tour: $50,000
-2 week run w/ 1-member entourage


Rick Ross New Media: $100,000
Jadakiss New Media: $ 25,000


Rick Ross Single at Radio: Magnificent (peaked at #5 on Urban Charts)
Jadakiss Single at Radio: Can't Stop Me (didn't spin outside of NY)

Rick Ross Radio Promotions: $100,000
Jadakiss Radio Promotions: $25,000


Rick Ross Trade/Magazine Promotions: $50,000
Jadakiss Trade/Magazine Promotions: $50,000


Rick Ross Beefs: 5 (50 Cent, Trick Daddy, LLoyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Eminem)
Jadakiss Beefs: 0


Rick Ross Total Budget: $1,150,000
Jadakiss Total Budget: $500,000


Difference in Records Sold First Week:
Rick Ross: 158,000
Jadakiss: 135,000

DIFFERENCE: 23,000 units
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Interesting. To say the least. As Illionaire put it, let this really be a lesson learned to the big wigs at these record labels. Putting the wrong emphasis on your artists endeavors can sometimes backfire and leave your audience outside of the music. I.e supporting beefs and bad blood only to rely on the music secondarily may not always have the audience yearning. It may just entertain them for awhile before they tune back into their regularly scheduled programming..

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