Monday, April 27, 2009

Video: Final Outlaw - Unstoppable Love Announcement...

We are, to some extent, definitely wet behind our "Web-Ears" when it comes to certain underground, untapped artists in The City that Never Sleeps. All that will have to change soon.

See what we did there?

Words from the man himself:

" Welcome to my first Video Blog! I will be doing this more often to keep everyone updated on my whereabouts and activities.

First Update: My new mixtape will be called UNSTOPPABLE LOVE. I plan to release it this summer 2009. There is a sneak peek of one of the songs at the end of this video blog.

My music video Hip Hop 4ever recently made it on MTV Europe more specifically MTV Base. You can watch it on MTV Base in the UK or log on to the MTV UK website. Please leave comments and show love. Thank you. Link:

Last but not least, both Hip Hop 4ever the song and the video are now available for FREE download on I-Tunes! This is definitely the time to take advantage and own the song if you didnt already have it.

Stay alive


Get Familiar!

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