Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Video: Jabari & Young Chris Live Studio Session (VIDEO)...

Part 1:

Young Chris records his verse for a song with Charles Hamilton on Jabari's album. Chris shouts out the "Smoke-A-Thon" and right after Sheist Bub makes a guest appearance in the studio!

Part 2:

Jabari and Young Chris answer questions live from the chat room. Album dates, features, 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross, and more questions answered!

" What's up,

In case you missed the live video stream Saturday, me and Young Chris were in the studio working on my album this weekend. These videos are from the live stream that we broadcasted (edited to just the important stuff). The song is produced by Cookin Soul.

Looks like it should be crazy. We need a tracklist very soon Jabari.

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