Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh So You Don't Wanna Piss Your Fu*king Panties???...

" Sometimes when nature calls, you may not be in the most convenient place to answer. "

We're all sure that many of you have either dropeed your expensive iPhone into a toilet, pee'd while talking on the phone in a public restroom, or couldn't find a restroom to go to because they want you to purchase a stick of friggin' gum before they give you the damn key attached to a wooden board the size of ... sorry.

We digress...

Introducing the newest amazing app for the Apple iPhone. This one's called "Have2P". See what they did there?

What this app does is it pinpoints your current location and literally searches around for the nearest available restroom so you can stop doing that stupid dance on the corner of Spring street in SoHo due to nothing but expensive boutiques in your immediate vicinity.

Jesus, thank-you nerds.

Download Have2P Here.

Have2P for the Apple iPhone

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