Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Events: Some Bunny Loves You...

– Wednesday February 11th –
Roxy Cottontail, Hellz Bellz & Karmaloop Present…
In celebration of the 1st Ever Roxy Cottontail x Hellz Bellz T-shirt & Mixtape
** A Sadie Hawkins FORMAL Affair **

Featuring Music By…
Roxy Cottontail + Melo X
Hosted by…
Tasha Sancheezie, Bliz, Queen Bee (Good Peoples) + The 1st Lady of The Retro Kidz
Door by… Baby Rox
Photos by… Mel D. Cole

Complimentary V2 Vodka 10pm-11:30pm
Limited Edition “Some Bunny Loves You” Goodie Bags!!!

1 Cleveland Place
(Btwn Broome + Kenmare)
RSVP: somebunnyloves@oxycottontail.com

1 comment:

Kitty Bradshaw said...

Umm this is in New York?! Also its formal?!

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